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  1. Geoff. Probably yes but the car is really clapped out. So it depends on what you need. It isn’t my car just helping a friend in Phoenix. I had to fly home this week but will be back out soon. In the mean time you could contact him but you will need to pm me for his contact info.  He doesn’t want that information on the net.

  2. I buddy in Phoenix is parting a 63 R2 4 speed car. No engine or trans but lots of other stuff. He has a power steering setup minus the power steering pump. He has the steering box, control valve assembly, power cylinder and bell crank. All as is. He wants $750 for the setup. Also, if interested, the car has excellent California dry frame, title, serial plate, body plate etc. If interested pm me and I’ll forward his contact info.

  3. Probably yes and possibly better if all was equal. Copper is heavier and more expensive. The modern aluminum radiators have the fins and tubes soldered together for better heat transfer. The older copper radiators had the fins just pushed in place. I think later copper units did solder the fins to the tubes so they were efficient but still heavy and expensive. Aluminum is a great conductor and is close to as good as copper so all things considered aluminum is the best choice.

  4. 11 hours ago, TerryR2 said:

    I have the build sheet as well as the original window sticker. It was Avanti Gold and Elk interior. My least favorite color!

    I used to think the same thing on the color combination. However, the older I get the more I appreciate the gold/elk.

  5. Just now, Nelson said:

    I know on the Larks and Hawks they messed with the crank and blower pulley size, not sure on the Avanti.

    Whoops, I didn’t read the entire question.

    One would be the plenum which was more forgiving to altitude changes the other might be the fresh air induction keeping the blower cooler and hp up. Another would be the addition of multiple breathers to reduce crankcase pressure.

  6. Probably a gallon of base coat but it’s always best to get extra for potential repairs in the future you know the color will match. I will tell you, you should talk with someone that has done the turquoise before just to make sure your formula is correct; I wouldn’t go by a spray can bought from a vendor! Brad Bez has painted some turquoise Avantis and he must have a viable formula for correct match. Also, when they do mix the color MAKE SURE they use the smallest aluminum chop for the metallic. Most shops are use to todays paints which have larger metal flakes. The color formula could be right and if the flake is wrong it will not look right!

  7. They are both good reproductions. I bought Tom’s wheels as I compared both reproduction wheels to a set of originals. The Real Rodder wheels appear to be too heavy or too thick on the spoke material. Tom’s seem pretty darn close to correct to me. 
    With the exception of the 1963 Bonneville Avantis this style Halibrand is not correct on 1963:Studebaker’s, I think Tom is considering making the 63 kidney bean small window Halibrand that is correct for the entire 63 line of Studebaker’s. This wheel was also used by other manufacturers at events such as Sebring and Lemans.

  8. That’s interesting. I have a used set of 51 lower control arms with parts attached. I’ll have to take a closer look at them. Would they raise or lower the car. You seem to say it would raise the car?

  9. One photo is a shot of the top control arm lowered in the frame. Not a good photo but the best I could do without removing the supercharger inlet hose. The other photo shows the lower knuckle above the nut. This change results in the front end being lowered 2 inchs or drop spindle.

  10. 4 hours ago, A0136 said:

    Thanks Nelson 

    That does look different. I am headed to my shop now to take a look.  It’s 15 degrees and the shop is 2 blocks away but I won’t be able to go to sleep if I don’t go look.  

    That’s funny. I’m the same way. When my mind is running on the right course I can’t sleep. In looking at the photos I’m wondering if you couldn’t turn the lower support upside down and use the right on the left etc?

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