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  1. Thanks, John. I kind of figured there was too much taken for granted by readers. We may never know for sure but if I remember right there are more than a few copies of each production order so it should show Up someday?

    How were you able to translate the code at the top of the punch card?

  2. Bob, nice photos of Paxton. That place looks to be in good shape. Is it being used for anything today? I need to put checking out that building on my bucket list. Glad you posted them.

  3. Bob, I was thinking about you when this subject came up. I thought you may have been around Paxton at the time and might remember Joe Granatelli’s Avanti and could shed some light on the subject. I talked to Richard Bennet last night. He was out there at about the same time picking up the Due Cento. He wasn’t too interested in the Cadillac transplant at the time but he seemed to remember a Stude engine being removed and the Cadillac installed. However, that’s not exactly history in concrete. So, I guess there’s three doubters here plus Richard B. Haha🤔😊

  4. On 2/27/2023 at 9:53 AM, mfg said:

    In the latest issue of AVANTI MAGAZINE there's a great article on Joe Granatelli's Cadillac/ Avanti....

    Very nicely done install, however, I was amazed they would use a two foot long copper pipe to direct coolant from the lower radiator outlet and back up into the engine..

    I wonder why they didn't have a local radiator shop simply move the lower outlet on the radiator over to the driver's side?

    I looked at that pipe and wondered the same thing. There are probably a few logical reasons once blended together might have given him the green light. They would be time allotted time for the radiator modification along with expense which was now on Joe not Studebaker, the fairly large copper pipe gave a good boost in water capacity and also additional cooling capacity. Just a thought.

  5. I definitely respect John’s research but I still don’t see how he can say “we know 4795 was delivered with no engine or transmission”. Unless I’m missing something or something was unintentionally left out of the article, I wouldn’t go on record with that statement. Again, I respect John so maybe I’m missing something.

  6. But, if Joe actually purchased out of SB stock he would have paid plenty for the car. If he bought it out of Paxton’s inventory it could very well have been another $500 Avanti.

  7. 1 hour ago, mfg said:

    Also, I see nothing unusual about a shop like Paxton Products purchasing R4795 less engine...they probably had the Cadillac 429 already, and simply wanted a 'cool' home for it!

    Besides, they probably paid next to nothing for R4795...Remember that earlier Studebaker sold the Granatellis 63R1025, a year old fully intact supercharged Avanti, for $500!!! 😟

    Well, the insinuation is that Joe ordered a Avanti with no engine in order to install a competitors engine. That would seem odd to me. I don’t think that actually happened that way as I think the Stude engine was removed and a Cadillac installed after Stude made the announcement it was discontinuing production in SB. Studebaker was still Joe’s employer, so it appears, to my way of thinking, as odd that he would install the Cadillac in a nearly new Studebaker. 

  8. 2 hours ago, mfg said:

    Nelson... you may be thinking of the Stude Avanti which was featured in a sixties engine swapping magazine.....It started as an R1, then an R4 was installed, and finally an Oldsmobile 455!



    I do remember that swap. Maybe I’ve got that mixed up in my head with Joe’s car?? I am pretty certain Joe’s car was equipped originally with an R1 and Joe replaced that with the Cadillac. I think I’ll make a few phone calls and see how bad my memory might be.

  9. I’m sure there was a production order for that car, it’s just not in the particular file checked. It isn’t uncommon for a PO to be missing. The more I think about it the more I think I remember it being an R1 then an R4 then the Cadillac. The PO mentioned in the article is a computer punch card generated in July of 1964 well after its production date, not a production order. John does note the numbers in the top left corner and has translated them (I always wondered their significance). It would be pretty much a stretch to read into that translation that the car came with no drive train. The Granatellis were not stupid, they wouldn’t order a car without an engine then install an engine from their competitor. Even after Studebaker shut its doors I found it troubling that Joe G would actually do this transplant. Hell, the body wasn’t even cold.

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