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  1. It sounded like you were bailing out of the forum? I wish you wouldn’t. It’s nice to have guys like you present. Those two guys have evidently been at it for a long time and it is childish. I even made a comment about it awhile back. I don’t know if you are from the East Coast but my parents lived there for about five years and I visited often. I think bickering like that is common place over there. It’s the only place I ever visited that people in the car behind you would typically honk the horn as the light was turning green.

    1. aardvark


      Agree. and Thanks.

      No interest in bailing... just that I won't put up with Children at age 69.

      No I'm originally from Detroit and then Chi-Town, moved to the Mountains in Western NC. Love running these Twisty Roads and switchbacks.

      I'm aware of the idiocy and won't get involved except to call it out. I have 2 Avanti's and am out to learn, not bicker. Got a '63' and a '02'. One end of the spectrum to the other.

    2. Nelson


      Good. Glad you are hanging in there. Mfg seems to be ok but has a short fuse. Not sure about Reginal Bob but he does seem to like aggravating Mfg. The reaction toward you was really uncalled for. Maybe he had one too many beers.🤪😁 Anyway, the forum needs to keep going and there really aren’t many of us around so don’t want to lose anyone. It can be a real asset just like this conversation on dual master cylinders.

      By the way, lm 74.

    3. aardvark


      Nelson, Thanks for the kind and encouraging words. I find in many forums that I've visited or been part of, there are always those who will start crap with others on their comfortable couch, that if ''person to person'' they wouldn't do so... OR they would get decked out.

      That said, I try to hold back and stay above the infantile attitudes..I'm here for the Car info. On the SDC I met a (now) good friend with an Avanti. . That isn't my reason for visiting, however. I recently (Jan... see the For Sale and 2002 area of the site) bought my 2002 and you might see I've been trying to accumulate info on the Car. I also enjoy "like Minded" conversations.

      I turn over vehicles for profit, but also enjoy the ownership of certain models.

      Again, Thanks.   Enjoy the Road!!

  2. What is the price on dash and console parts?

    1. Nelson


      Also, where are you located.

  3. If you still have one left I’d appreciate getting it. Let me know the mailing cost etc.

    Nels Bove 4560 Walton Creek Rd Cincinnati Ohio 45243

    1. Parklife


      Sure thing - I have two left and one of them is now yours.  Just got back from sending some out this evening so it'll be tomorrow before I can get it in the mail. Sorry about the delay.  No charge to ship one out; I got sent a box full of them by mistake so I don't feel right accepting money.

      I'll drop you a PM with the tracking number once it's sent!


    2. Nelson


      I appreciate it. I’ll buy you a beer at one of the meets.


  4. I have a manual steering 64 Avanti and would like to convert to power with the faster ratio box. I’d trade straight across if that’s any interest to you. Time is my biggest concern.

    1. CaptainChaos



      Let me see how long it will take me to get the power stuff out, but i must say that i need the faster box as i am converting to an EPAS system.



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