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  1. Hey Bud, still trying to get hold of you, have messaged 3 times... hope all is well, i am STILL interested. G
  2. Mike, when would you be available next week. I will mosey on over from McKinney and do a pickup. Many thanks.. also may pick your brain as to local mechanic shops and other Stude stuff if you are willing to share a little knowledge? Regards, Gary
  3. Mike, Is there still a rh and lh headlamp ring available? Gary Landman
  4. I am very grateful that you posted this for me. Many thanks to you. This is PRECISELY what i need. I think that this forum is the best! Many thanks again... this will be save for reference.!
  5. Ha ... that will be a bonus... i think epas is the way! getting rid of the power hydraulics will clean up the engine compartment a bunch though.
  6. NTenna, just wondering if you got my PM. Still want the steering bits. Keep well.
  7. I am thinking that the Prius might be the way to go. However, I am still looking at all options. I will post whatever direction i take and appropriate photos and progress etc.
  8. I have a manual steering 64 Avanti and would like to convert to power with the faster ratio box. I’d trade straight across if that’s any interest to you. Time is my biggest concern.

    1. CaptainChaos



      Let me see how long it will take me to get the power stuff out, but i must say that i need the faster box as i am converting to an EPAS system.



  9. Thanks Mfg.. good to know, this reinforces the decision to EPAS the thing once Hydraulics are removed. So good to be on this Forum. Ntenna, I did pm you. Many thanks all.
  10. Much obliged to you Sir. I am definitely interested. I will purchase those parts from you ... i am going with the electric EPAS system, as all is nicely hidden under the dash and not visible. Mine is so far from good enough to restore to perfect, spent all its life in the Arizona desert and the TX desert. but it deserves to be driven and treated as well as it can be.  I think that the EPAS will overcome the ratios just fine. My Power steering existing is so messed up from a lifetime of neglect that it needs to be replaced completely and that is just too much for me. Also i am struggling to find a mechanic who can deal with this era of vehicle, Studes in particular. 

    My name is Gary Landman and i am in McKinney TX, which is a stones throw from Dallas City. I would send you a check which you can bank until it clears , or if you can, i can pay with a card. All good for me. 


    Many thanks again for the kind assist with this problem..


    garylandmann13@gmail.com      (214) 682 2941.

  11. I am looking to ditch the power steering system and install the non power Pitman and drag link on my 63 Avanti. Need to source new or used. Will pay handsomely and be VERY grateful. If this is not an option, I need to find a good Stude Mechanic in Dallas TX to rebuild the power system . Thinking that the non power and if needed an EPAS conversion will be the right way to go.. Thanks All..
  12. I think this is the best 1963 car i have ever seen... out of any and all cars!
  13. Holy Mackerel Batman... that is freaking awesome!
  14. Do you have a price in mind incl shipping to Dallas TX? Thank you..
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