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  1. Mine is working...sort of... have not found a listing for this particular switch or a cross reference for what it came off of! This is a two speed three way rocker switch with button in the middle for the washer! Help anyone?
  2. A lot of universal A/C parts that may be useful on Avanti’s https://nostalgicac.com/mount-kits-pulleys/chevrolet-compressor-mounts.html
  3. Part of your air injection system for the catalytic converter. Same as used some of the later 70s -82 Corvettes and some Chevy vehicles! Valve, air injection reactor check valve, to keep air from blowing back from the manifold! here is a listing in one of my corvette parts suppliers! https://corvetteparts.com/item/valve-air-injection-reactor-check-replacement-1968-1982
  4. Tires over 5-6 years old should not be considered safe. The rubber ages and it is slower to deteriorate if inside, but even then 6-7 years is about max to be safe! Remember we drive much faster and more than they did in the 60s and 70s. Be safe switch out every 5 years I& you can!
  5. My 74 has Chrysler keys and door locks and a gm Ignition lock. The ignition key I’d was inside the door panel ?
  6. I have used http://www.nationalcarburetors.com/quadrajetsperformance/ And purchased rebuilt units at reasonable prices!
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