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  1. I am listing this Avanti for my best friend who lives in the Los Angeles, he may not be as computer skilled as much as many of you. It a 1963 R1 # 63R 1204 A, automatic with factory AC, tinted windows, power steering and power brakes. Correct, complete car with 31,000 miles. Body is solid. Paint and original interior are somewhat tired. Bumpers were replated and door panels were replaced. New tires and battery. Although carb, brakes and wheels were rebuilt, car has been sitting due to recent owner’s health issues. Presently it starts right up and can be driven around a parking lot, but it runs rough and will need some mechanical attention before road use. $14,995. If you have a serious interest and would like his contact him for questions, etc. please send a message to me for contact information. Thanks…Mike
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