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  1. 1 hour ago, Gunslinger said:

    Glad that they were...quad headlamps ruin the simplicity and elegance of the Avanti design.  

    I agree with you, however, if the Studebaker Avanti had quad headlights from day one...do you think we would today consider THAT look to be normal.....and dual headlights a strange, 'odd' look ?????:huh: ;)

  2. 2 minutes ago, r1lark said:

    Was that the date that Jim Lange set his  223.238 mph record at Bonneville 2009 Speed Weeks?

    Yes, that's it exactly:).........Mr. Lange must have planned to run his Avanti on that historic anniversary?

  3. 3 hours ago, silverstude said:

    The next item to assure is the lockup solenoid functionality.   A run of the mill 700 will lock up the converter in 2nd or 3rd.  In 4th, the converter must lockup or the oil will cook.   4th is overdrive and puts quite a strain on the converter, creating loads of heat,  so an oil cooler  and knowing the lock up works, is a primary concern.     You can tell the lockup is functioning by a 2-300 rpm drop. 


    Not sure about that...i took manual control of the lockup converter on my '83 over fifteen years ago, and rarely use the lockup feature if I'm not on the highway.....never hurt the 700R4 or its converter!:)

  4. Over the manufacturing years 1963 thru 1985, .....?..... different style license plate brackets were factory installed on Avanti automobiles.

    1) One.......2) Two......3) Three....or.....4) Four

  5. In '63, Studebaker advertised their Avanti equipped with disc brakes could stop in ....?..... less feet from 100 mph than if it had conventional drum brakes.

    1) 75.......2) 100....3) 150....or....4) 170

  6. 23 hours ago, paul shuffleburg said:

    What are the two gauges under the dash? I don't remember seeing them before.

    Prior owner said the Granatelli's installed them...One of the gauges measures fuel pressure....They were concerned that the fuel mixture may lean out under high boost conditions causing internal engine damage.:o

  7. 20 hours ago, Mark63Avanti said:

    I live in Massachusetts and above ground home heating oil tanks are 12 gauge steel by code. If the answer is not 18 gauge I've got to go with 20. Can't be 25 or 30, just can't be!

    20 it is fellow "BAY STATE'R"!!:)..... (And our Avantis are only twenty-one cars apart!..They probably waved to each other on production line!:D)

  8. 1 hour ago, 64studeavanti said:

    Re-Installing springs after changing spindles.  Car is R1 with A/C. I have 2 spacers, one for each spring. I do not recall if the spacers go on the top or bottom of the spring. 

    Those spacers go onto the lower control arms:)

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