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  1. In 1957, all 289CI Studebaker V8s used the 'dished' pistons....and 'normal' 289s were advertised to have an 8.3-1 compression ratio......However, the supercharged Golden Hawks advertised compression ratio was 7.5-1...I believe (not 100% sure) that all the '57 289's used the thicker composite head gaskets from the factory, hence the compression change would have to be in the combustion chamber.:o




  2. If these are '57-'58 Studebaker Golden Hawk heads, they should be OK, as Golden Hawk's of that vintage had less compression than the other period Stude V8's....Since pistons were all the same, (dished), the compression change had to be in the heads....Suggest you use thick (composite) head gaskets with this setup.

  3. 22 hours ago, studegary said:

    My $1188 is from 1963 pricing, so assuming the price went up for 1964, I will now say; 4) $1402.70.  Remember that for a Hawk, the bump for an R3 has to be added to the bump for an R1.   

    And answer #4 is CORRECT!:)

  4. 21 hours ago, r1lark said:

    I'm going to take a stab and say they added 'something' to keep the headliner from falling down at high speeds with the windows open. 

    RIGHT!...Paxton added strapping to hold up headliner at speed!:o :)

  5. 21 hours ago, r1lark said:

    Seems like a tricky one here Ed. :)  The pulleys were different between the R2 and R3. The alternators themselves, except for the pulleys, appear to be the same. But since the pulleys were different, that means the alternator assembly (alternator and pulley) were different, so I'll say FALSE. 

    False is CORRECT!...and for the reason you state!:)

  6. I've seen that valve cover trick more recently......the owner of a '32 Ford hotrod fitted early Olds V8 covers on what was actually a small block Chevy....and another guy with a rod put early Chrysler "Firepower" covers on a V8 Chevy engine.....neither my cup of tea!:(

  7. In a subsequent race to the '64 Yankee 300, the "Duo-Fast Spl." #33 Avanti R3 powered GT Hawk had to be retired due to a broken.......?.......

    1) Steering pitman arm.....2) Left rear axle shaft.....3) Split seam on fuel tank....or.....4) Lower control arm

  8. Some 1964 Studebaker passenger cars, including Avantis, had their factory production order left inside the car....these P.O.'s can sometimes be found......?......

    1 )Under springs of back seat cushion.....2) Under spare tire......3) Under passenger bucket seat....or....4) On top of glove box

  9. 53 minutes ago, studegary said:

    The confusion is in the results for the 1964 race vs. the 1965 race.

    You're probably correct Gary....although it's difficult to question posted statistics, it's even harder to question the guy who actually participated in that race, behind the wheel of that gorgeous GT Hawk!:)

  10. 14 hours ago, r1lark said:

    I'm not sure how high Dick Passwater's Hawk ran during the race, but he finished 31st in that race, not 10th. Finishing results here: https://www.thethirdturn.com/wiki/1964_Yankee_300

    Here are some pics of Dick's car:


    Passwater '64 GT racecar 1.jpg

    Passwater '64 GT racecar 2.JPG

    Passwater '64 GT racecar 3.jpg

    Notwithstanding the posted results, Dick Passwater himself said he finished 10th in this '64 GT Hawk in an interview that was published in the July, 2019 'Turning Wheels'!:o

    Would this be a memory lapse or incorrect posted results?:huh:

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