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  1. I picked up the white 1985 out of Ohio as a whole car and my intentions are to revive her via a resto-mod; she's been sitting for over 2 decades. I should reach parts acquisition mode over this winter and then I'll start installing said parts after the snow melts next spring. First thing first though, and I'll do this before cold weather comes: rip out the old dead parts. I'll clean what I can, sell off or give away what I won't use on the flip side, and keep what I need. I know I need a frame. I've seen them priced right at $1k, but that was before the Bidenflation circus came to town.
  2. I could have sworn there were (200) 1984 and (100) 1985. At least the former avantisource.com site had those as their numbers. I spent a day in July 2013 screen saving a lot on that website. 1983 had an easy number to remember, (289) produced.
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