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  1. I use the Hagerty valuation tool as a guide.  

    Condition really matters. Driver quality cars are worth much less than show. Most owners believe their car is in better condition than it really is.

    Assuming a good condition #3 driver, about $30,000 is the ball park.

    For driver cars, the paint color probably does not detract much.


    The wheels are another matter. Original Halibrands may not be in the best of condition. Magnesium does not hold up well. Repro aluminum ones cost around $350 each a few years ago. That was without the spinners.

  2. According to Bob Johnstone's web site, the 976 heads have 58 CCs vs the almost 68 CCs of the correct 582 heads. You would need to compute the static CR to ensure it is not more than 9:1. 

    GH did use the 976 heads with S/C, however,  they had dished pistons, not flat tops.

  3. With a hub puller, you run it up tight by hand, then with a dead blow hammer you pound on the ears to tighten further. After that, you whack the end of the puller to loosen the hub. If not successful at first, you tighten some more. Some have good luck getting the puller as tight as possible, then letting it sit for a bit. Please remember to put the nut so the threads of the axle are covered, that way you do not bugger them. Ensure that the adjusters are completely backed off and that the emergency brake cables are fully released. This should allow the shoes to separate from the drum. In case the shoes are frozen to the drum, lightly tapping on the side of the drum may loosen them.

    This is only for rear brakes. The front discs come off by removing the cotter pin and nut.

  4. Also check the windshield frame and a pillars, especially under the windshield reveal molding on the sides of the windshield. Quite often these items are completely rusted away. They can be replaced, but at a substantial cost.

  5. I am not convinced using the larger 2 1/4" caliper has any benefit. After all, the brake pads are not changing from the stock size of the 2 1/8". It seems to me that a larger caliper would require more pedal pressure as well.

  6. Sumis are a direct replacement. May be the only ones you can buy new. Of course, the originals were labeled Bendix. I have a few of those. Dunlop were an early replacement, not sure if any Studes came from the factory with dunlop. The sumis, used by some Datsun (Nissan) cars seem to work just as well as any of the others. 

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