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  1. 1 hour ago, mfg said:

    Yes.... brake booster on factory Hemi Mopars is indeed smaller due to those oversize heads...Bob was confused about that.

    Actually, boosters for hemi equipped cars are larger. They are 8 3/4", similar to our Avantis, as opposed to the smaller 8" non-hemi Mopar. The hemi equipped cars have an offset bracket etc. to clear the heads.


  2. Sorry I was not clear. There have been some conflicting information about whether B body Mopar brake boosters are a replacement for the Stude ones. In the trivia section, it was stated that the "hemi" equipped cars used the same 8 3/4" brake booster.  This booster, like Avanti boosters, are hard to come by. In a later post on this forum, it was claimed that the readily available 8" Mopar booster works. Most of the posts on the Mopar forums indicate that the hemi boosters are not interchangeable with other mopars and versa visa.

    Just trying to find out if the readily available B body 8" Mopar boosters work on Avantis.

  3. It would make no sense to go on the input side. If that were the case, the brake fluid would effectively stop the flow into the pistons, meaning no brakes. 

    It does go into the bleeder port. I believe the theory is that it helps prevent air from entering when bleeding the brakes.

  4. Got it home yesterday. Missing carb and starter. I have an edelbrock I could use. I may have a spare starter. Dale said he would check the place it was stored as there are many parts of various cars left over.

    As I indicated in an earlier post, the valley cover is from an older engine with a road draft tube. Does anyone have the correct Avanti valley cover they can spare?

    It came with some new parts including most of the rubber as well as a new dash pad!

    I will also be in the market for some original wheels and covers. Let me know what you have.





  5. Went to the auction today, it was rescheduled from November 18th.

    Bought R5423 for $4520 including buyer premium and credit card fee.

    As near as I can tell, the hogs are intact (they have been sprayed with bedliner). I tested several areas with an ice pick. The 'A' pillars and window frame look great. The body is in very good condition with no evidence of wrecks. The frame is solid except for the brace under the spare tire well, an inexpensive fix. The paint is pretty bad and a non stock color, so will need a respray. Glass is good.  Engine and transmission were supposedly rebuilt a while ago. Both will need disassembly and inspection before use.

    Quite a few of the missing parts are in boxes with the car. Will know more when I get a chance to do an inventory.

    So far, looks like a good buy. Thanks to Dale for bringing this to our attention.

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