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  1. bob caser

    Meek Avanti!

    They were the first from my knowledge to install a 425 cu in Oldsmobile engine into a Avanti. They removed a R4 engine from that Avanti and the installation was featured in a engine swap magazine published by Hot Rod / Peterson magazine. Bob Caser
  2. bob caser

    Avanti Bags!

    Wow, I attended this, showed a car at the show and do not remember receiving anything. I do recall Tom Kellogg, Gary Johnson, Ed Murray and John Cafaro attending. Bob Caser
  3. Thank you, Jolly- John and DRN1965 for your acknowledgement. Bob Caser
  4. From the photos, great job . Not removing the dash to achieve this is quire a accomplishment. How they choose to promote themselves is their business. Bob Caser
  5. I will stand corrected if I am wrong , but I have a Avanti with factory air that has the cooling kit with the two hoses. Perhaps mine is just odd. ball (R5487) Bob Caser
  6. Newman - Altman did not like the rake in the Avanti. A small block Chevy fits under the hood of a 63-64 Avanti and many engine swaps have been done over the years. Here's mine in a 1964 using a stock intake manifold and quadrajet carb and R1 air cleaner lid. Bob Caser
  7. Andy's son Vince. Bob Caser
  8. Not a problem , Paul. Remember we go way back together, with these Studebakers. Bob
  9. The attached might answer your question. The plastic insert goes between the escutcheon and the door panel. Bob Caser
  10. I spent many, many hours attempting to fit a aftermarket into the original console or in to the dash with no success. I modified a dashboard to direct air thru the radio opening and other brainstorms as well. What I finally wound up with is what is in my photos. The plus side is that there are four air outlets which right and left outlet are enough for the driver and passenger and the two center outlets will cool the back seat. The rear window produces a lot of heat and cooling the rear seat helps keep the car comfortable. This Avanti is not for the purist, it was built to be used as a everyday car so it has 4 wheel disc brakes, overdrive transmission, electric power steering, blue tooth radio , etc, etc. It had a engine transplant back in the 1960s and has been modified over the years . I have a purist Avanti as well and appreciate it for what it is. A beautiful piece of design. Bob Caser
  11. I have a work in progress "restmod" 1964 Avanti, that had factory air and I removed it for a aftermarket unit. Less expensive,and it blows more air to keep the car cool in Southern California summers. I did have to modify the console, but I have been happy with the results. These are old photos and I did make a 3D parts to replicate the original console plate which needed to be shorter in height. Bob Caser
  12. That would be this car the "Due Cento " . This photo was taken behind the Paxton building with the car sitting minus engine and transmission. Bob Caser.
  13. bob caser

    Avanti Tray!

    The interior in this car is all NOS , gauges , carpet, steering column, and seats. Ed Reynolds had complete vinyl interior pieces at one time at a bargain price. It would be impossible to duplicate this today at any cost. Bob Caser
  14. bob caser

    Avanti Tray!

    Long story . I was showing another Avanti in 1985 at the annual La Palma show. This was a modified car, and it won first place in it class. This guy walks up and introduces himself., and we start talking about this car R5487 car and also about R5051 which was being repainted at a local body shop. At this time it was a very nice car with 39,000 miles and never modified. This individual is interested in seeing the car and we make arrangements to meet at the body shop while looking at the car he tells me he had a turquoise 64 in the past and it would be great to build a show car out of my car. So the body shop and this guy proceed to move forward on my car and I support the money side and now realize we are building a trailer queen of Pebble Beach standards. So from 1985 to 1990 they proceed to build "my" show car. The car has been in storage since 1990 only needing the bumpers to be completed and installed.Everything mechanical was rebuilt and no fluids were installed. The engine is turned over by hand and oiled. This is a over restored Avanti something that I now regret. Jon Meyer, John Metzker, Ed Reynolds and Gary Johnson all contributed to this show car. Oh the guy and I became good friends until his passing. His name : Tom Kellogg Bob Caser
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