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  1. The system tells me that I have used my limit of attachment space, and gives me a list of my attachments, to date. How can I delete old attachments so that I might add new ones?
  2. When I had my '63, I was concerned with authenticity. With my '78, I am more concerned with having the car the way that I want. I definitely agree with Gunslinger's opinion.
  3. My '78 had the original black GM cover. I picked up a chrome cover from Corvette America for $44. I think that it improves the appearance, and still looks "factory".
  4. Jim78

    Trunk hinges

    Is the weather seal shot? A new piece of rubber may prevent the front edge from dipping down and catching.
  5. Look for the DNV clerk with gray hair.😄
  6. Sounds very possible that it's running backwards. Many DC motors are polarity sensitive. Can you access the wires and try reversing the wires?
  7. It seems that the Saturn air dams that fit up so well to an Avanti have gone the way of the dinosaur. Has anyone found a more available solution ?
  8. I had checked their web site. It did not show the clutch disc, and only showed the pressure plate as a rebuilt, requiring the old plate up front exchange. I called SI and found that they actually have the disc and plate new in stock. Lesson here seems to be not to trust their web site or catalog. It's worth a few minutes to give them a call.
  9. A friend is in search of a clutch and pressure plate for his '64 Avanti, with no success. Are these parts really that scarce, or are we looking in the wrong places?
  10. Jim78

    Oil Pressure

    Any well equipped repair shop should have a calibrated pressure gauge.
  11. Jim78

    Oil Pressure

    First step is to check the accuracy of your gauge by using a direct reading gauge of known accuracy.
  12. If I may borrow from JFK's speech about going to the moon, "...and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard... " No doubt, he was talking about frame replacements! ?
  13. Jim78

    83 rear end

    Turner Brake is still in business and offers the rear disk kit. . http://www.turnerbrake.com/reardisckits.html
  14. The old A6 compressor was used on a "bluemillion" different GM vehicles. The Pro6TEN compressor is Old Air Products' modern bolt-in replacement. The only real model selection is whether it has high pressure or high temp cut-out. I spoke with them about my application and they recommended the HP version. Other options are the finish (natural aluminum, polished, powder coated). I would suggest giving them a call.
  15. Mine is a '78 with the original 350. The compressor is mounted on the left side of the engine.
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