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  1. Yes, your earlier quote was the one I was referring to. Sounds like the same person installed the motors on our 74s.
  2. Not sure if this is an Avanti Urban Legend but I heard that the earlier the Avanti II was, the better in regard to the frames. Apparently, Avanti Co. stored their frames piled up like firewood outside in the weather. The newer the Avanti II, the rustier and weaker the frames were. Of course the frames were cleaned up and painted before building cars but they were not stored properly. Also, I think later on they ran out of Lark convertible frames and welded in the X crossmember to standard frames. Not a big deal if the welding is good. On the earlier motor mount comment from anither poster, I had a 74 Avanti that had the left motor mount area of the frame cracked. But I also had a 72, and a 76 with no issues in this area.
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