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  1. brad

    Avanti Paint!

    3 gallons of paint. and same for thinner. For a complete inside and out refinish.
  2. brad

    Avanti Paint!

    I bought some from TCP Global, and had a very hard time getting it to lay down and shine. The old Lucite was far better. Although this did buff out, it should have been better to start with. If you order from them....get a lot extra, and really lay it on, because you will be cutting most of it off. I think most of the problems can be traced back to the thinner which is reformulated for lower VOC.
  3. brad

    Avanti Engines!

    One "EX" engine in a car I know....is an R3.
  4. brad

    R3 dual carb

    I always pull the valve covers, and hit the valves with a rawhide mallet. If there are any stuck valves you can bend the push rods, and /or possibly break the cam. An added benefit is you can then adjust the valve lash before attempting to start it. On any street driven engine, a vacuum advance makes the car more driveable, and economical. I have run MSD on many builds, and it is a good ignition. You can use the points to trigger it, or a magnetic hall effect switch like Chrysler, or Pertronix uses. This one was supercharged, dual 4bbls, and airconditioned. It can be done, and all fit under the hood too.
  5. brad

    R3 dual carb

    The first carb shown is the front carb of the R4 setup. Notice the lack of idle screws. There was no idle circuit. The rear carburetor had them. When mounted, the primaries of the rear carb was located closest to the center of the manifold. The second Carburetor pictured is an R2 carb. The blue plastic brake bleeder fitting is not stock. It would be brass. and is the vacuum port for the distributor vacuum advance. A true R3 or R4 does not have a vacuum advance on the distributor.
  6. Towards the passenger side.
  7. Edelbrock floats are smaller than the stock Studebaker floats, and don't have a problem with collapsing under boost.
  8. brad

    Avanti Bracket!

    False. That bracket is often hard to come by, and usually rusted
  9. brad

    Avanti Ornament!

    True. Large, and small print.
  10. brad

    Forgotten R4!

    Great non-existing emblem you have there. 😄
  11. brad

    Shielded Avanti!

    Actually, they used partial shielding even in the Larks. Basically because they were built @ Paxton mainly for Avantis, and all were built to a standard. No R3 or R4 were built at the Studebaker factory.
  12. brad

    Avanti Sender!

    Studes used cork, which don't hold up to crappy alcohol fuel.
  13. brad

    Avanti Knockoff!

    They can go flying off, and that can get expensive. I always drill and tap for a set screw
  14. brad

    Avanti ll RQB2257!

    Still belongs to the Loewy family. His son-in-law still owns it. It drives very nicely last time I drove it.
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