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  1. brad

    Odd Avanti!

    All factory R3s (Avanti) are shimmed higher to clear the pressure box. That makes it necessary to slot the holes where the bumper brackets go through the body in the lower grille area.
  2. brad

    Odd Avanti!

    I usually give photo credit if someone else took the pics. I was also at that photo shoot, and it's off my cell phone. It's not as good as yours Lew. The question I have is what Gray is on the prototypes? Is it the same as the much later Avanti Gray?. Ed, the white Avanti had been touched up several times before I did some small areas for touchup. The front did not match the back, and it took a lot of tinting and blending to make it good. Since lacquer isn't available at your neighborhood paint shops ANYWHERE, I used a few drops of fingernail lacquer to tint.
  3. brad

    Odd Avanti!

    Someone....(Lew 🤫) told me it was supposed to be gold. I now know that's incorrect. Good. It's been through the proverbial knothole backwards. But will be most interesting to bring back to as made condition. I have some Lacquer left over from the last one made (5643).
  4. That is not a Powershift transmission. The tag should read AS2-10A. The shift pattern of that would be P N D L R. No second gear holding. Also if the car locks up in low it is usually because the rear sprag (one way roller clutch) ,that is located in the center carrier, has been installed backwards. The brass drag strips should face the rear of the car as installed.
  5. brad

    Odd Avanti!

    No, that sounds like the one being restored in the northwest. This was purchased also in Chicago last year, and the body has never been modified, and has round headlights. It is the gold one at the board of directors unveiling, and the air lift car. It's too hot to go out to the shop and check, but I believe the car here is 5652. not 5653. You really need to get John Hulls book to get this correct. I'm working on getting you a copy. P.S. I did brave the heat, it is indeed 63R EX 5652
  6. brad

    Odd Avanti!

    Everything about the car I have is early, and not many changes to later equipment. It has the "winged" console levers, and fawn background. The only deviation I see is drip rails. Supercharger is black. Air bonnet has no screen. All hand laid strips of fiberglass for the floors. Silkscreened non embossed supercharger side emblems, Midland-Ross frame tag. Early pedestal sway bar mounts. Eye bolt rear shock bottoms. Single screw under door handle inserts that have NO screw holes. Baffle under hood to hide the wiring is mounted flush to the hood opening lip that the weather seal rests on. That's all I have observed, as I haven't torn it down and it is off in the future for tear down and documentation, and restoration.
  7. brad

    Odd Avanti!

    Supposed to be gold with red interior. Came to me white under the hood, and orange interior. I haven't started on it. It's in the Que sometime down the line.
  8. brad

    Odd Avanti!

    No clue, but it sure sounds pretty!
  9. brad

    First Avanti!

    All the EX cars are documented on John Hulls book that was in Tacoma.
  10. brad

    Avanti Pulley!

    I'll say false too. When they changed the water pump pulley for the AC kicker kit, they made the new pulley in aluminum. I would guess all the low production non stock items were also the same.
  11. brad

    blower hoses

    All the reproduction hoses from vendors are new and are fine. It's NOS rubber that is questionable if it hasn't been stored out of the heat and humidity.
  12. brad

    First Avanti!

    Richard Bennets Due Cento probably could be it.
  13. brad


    I helped get it running for the current owner . They put a milder cam in it, when it was rebuilt in Chicago.
  14. brad

    First Avanti!

    5653 has a midland ross frame, and a Saginaw recirculating ball steering box. (like Larks, but with a rag joint). That leads me to think that may be it.
  15. brad

    R3 Breather!

    All, is a tricky word. So, I'll say false. I will say they are not just added breathers as a regular V8. They were from the OHV 6 and chromed. The "tube" in the valve covers is larger in diameter, and requires the larger breather cap to fit.
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