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  1. Hi all! I removed my dash last week and want to undo all alterations done to the cable loom. I found one button under the dash that seems strange to me. It is on the left, neer the rear window defogger switch and the hood release. It is a pull knob and it provides power to the R terminal from the alternator. It was in the "on" position when I tried the car. The button itself is powered by the ignition switch. Why this knob? The power to the "R" terminal is only there with the engine running so the knob does not add functionality? BTW: I do not know what the "R" connection on th
  2. @WayneC My car has a casting number 3932386 (350ci 300hp) so that could be right! @Avanti83 Thanks for the offer! I'll wait for a reaction from Dan a bit longer. I would be nice if I could order the sheet and parts and maintain my Avanti a well as you guys do.
  3. The 350ci block was casted in 1968 and assembled in 1969. My car is also build in 1969 so it could be the original. I read on several pages that CE means "Chevrolet Engine" and that this is not a Crate Engine nor counter sold. But, nevertheless, a build sheet would be conclusive. I live in the Netherlands and Nostalgic Motors does not ship outside the USA. I asked for a digital copy, that would be great already.
  4. I can imagine the engine swaps. But what engines did Avanti fit in their 1969/70? My CE engine is a GM Warranty engine. My guess is that these were engines build for no brand in particular. Avanti did not build a lot of cars with a 350ci engine in '69. Did they buy warranty engines from GM?
  5. Hi Mike, A bit late but did you decode the "8BQ"? I'm looking for this information but can't find it. My engine has the same code but the engine was build 23 days later. What I know: The complete code is: CE9 24062 V0830 3BQ. So, it is a Chevrolet Engine, assembled in 1969 in Flint on 8th of august. Kodjo
  6. Bummer, they look so nice! In the Netherlands we do not have legislation on this topic. So, it is legal to drive these old tires. But, you are right, i'll buy new when the car is up and running again. At this moment, it is in parts on the floor...
  7. Thanks for your reply! I also thought the hose does not belong there but was uncertain. These tires are 27 years old. The car was on axle stands all this time. So, the tires are round and look very new. Will they be still safe to drive?
  8. Hi, I'm new here and in the process of getting my 1969 Avanti back on the Dutch road. Cleaned the fuel tank out because the fuel in there was 27 years old. During the cleaning a hose fell out the tank! This hose is not in the parts catalog nor the manual. Is this hose supposed to be in the tank, on the vent maybe? Or is this hose just put in the tank to get it out the way? Thanks, Kodjo
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