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  1. Yes indeed Studebaker West has the bezel$(25.00) and it is billet. These guyshave just about everything I have ever needed, and always come through.
  2. Well not exactly. It is the round bezel on the outside of the dash that holds the ignition switch in place. Studebakers west in Redwood City, Ca. says he may have one. Thank you for the help though. Always a helpful site, and I appreciate your attempt. Regards, Alan
  3. Good morning. Does anyone know where I may find an ignition switch bezel for my 1964 Avanti? This is the piece that fits in the dash cover and connects to the ignition switch. It seems the "tangs" have worn out, and no longer are capable of holding the switch in place. Any ideas? Thank you in advance. Alan Blalock(R5451)
  4. Thank you to the guys at Steven Allen. They have cleared up the situation. For anyone that hasn't dealt with them, I encourage you to do so. They are not only selling parts, but providing much needed advise. Many thanks to them.

  5. I am looking for a reputable repair shop that can install an ignition switch locking pin(s) in my 1964 Avanti. I am in the greater Tacoma Washington area. I would like someone that is familiar with the Studebaker line. It looks from the repair manual to be a fairly straight forward simple installation, but my flexibility is not good at the present time. Thank you to anyone that can assist me in this matter
  6. Can anyone shed light on the possibility that there are more than one transmission seal kit available for the 1964 Flight-o-Matic transmission? A transmission shop indicated that it depended on what serial number the transmission had, as to which seal kit it used. I assumed all 1964 transmissions(Flight-o-Matic) used the same kit. Any advise would be appreciated, and I trust the Avanti owners opinion for my go to choice. Thank You. Alan Blalock R5451
  7. Yes, that explanation sounds correct. When I measure the difference between the front and the rear the rear is only 2 3/4" higher,so it does have a moderate downward slope in the front, but it looks natural to me. I will attempt to post pictures when I find out how to do it. I guess I will leave the blocks in since they made no significant difference in rideability. Thank you for your help. Alan
  8. I will try to post pictures, but I am a novice. Thanks for the response.
  9. Good morning. As I get acclimated with my 1964 Avanti, I have noticed that the rear leaf springs have rather large blocks attatched with what seem to be longer than normal u-bolts. Are these original equipment pieces or maybe aftermarket parts? These give the car a small rakish appearance, and other Avanti's I have seen also appear to have a similar stance. If they are O.E. I am curious as to the reasoning, and are they necessary for clearance or such. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Alan Blalock
  10. Good day...As I get to know my 1964 Avanti, I noticed that when I had the car on the hoist I noticed that there are blocks between the axle housing and the leaf springs. Are the original equipment or aftermarket parts. I did not notice any mention of these in my workshop manual. They appear to give the car a small rakish look, and am wondering if I should keep them as is, or attempt to remove them? Anyone have similar thoughts? Thank you, Alan Blalock

  11. Wow. Thank you for the detailed information. I really appreciate explaining this situation in such great detail. I have been around cars and fixed/repaired/rebuilt them my entire life, but have never been around a vehicle that was so, yet so different interesting as this Avanti.(Never been comfortable working on automatic Trannys though). I am forever grateful to all the wonderful people such as yourself that are so helpful on this site. This site is so awesome compared to others, that it reminds me of car clubs of the past where everyone was/is a brother. I appreciate the help, and enjoy the
  12. Good morning. I have a 1964 Avanti with a flight-o-matic. My starter drive is being destroyed by a bad ring gear. My questions are several, and I am looking for answer from the more knowledgable on this site. I have found a ring gear from a Studebaker vendor but need to know what I am buying/looking for. Is the ring gear permanantly attatched to the flywheel or attatched in some other manner? What is the difference between a flex plate and a flywheel? Thanks, and Happy Holidays....Alan
  13. I have a 1964 Avanti 3 speed flight-o-matic. I just changed the pan gasket and added fluid. The gears engage,but when I put the selector in either park or neutral the transmission makes a strange sound like "chirping" or a suttle low grinding like noise. When I return it to drive drive or reverse the sound stops!!!!!!!!!! Anyone have an idea?
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