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  1. Great! Thank you. That's the same diameter I get on my car with old (in need of replacement) F78-15 tires on it. So I think your solution will work for me, too.
  2. Like you, I've been considering a doughnut spare for my '64, so that the spare tire lid will properly seat on the spare tire well. It's good to hear that there are temporary spares as new as '12 that have the right bolt pattern. I wonder how the OD compares to the 15" higher profile tires more commonly found on Avantis, especially the Studebaker variety. Can you tell us the OD of the temporary spare you got? Thanks.
  3. Since I posted this AM, thanks to a Studebaker neighbor, I have located an R2 "parts carb."
  4. Yesterday I removed my carb to rebuild it and found that it was cracked (significantly) at two of the four corner mounting pads (see pictures). So I need to replace the main body (the lower 2/3 of the carb that includes the fuel bowls) of a 3588S Carter AFB for an Avanti R2. I don't need the upper part of the carb that has the plate with the text about it being an Avanti carb. I am more than willing to pay a fair price. Thanks, Pete
  5. Thank you for the reply and the info. In the meantime, I cleaned the map light switch; now I can turn the map light on and off with the switch when the doors are closed. So I guess it is all good now. We're making progress getting everything working again.
  6. The owner's manual says the dome lights come on when the doors are opened and the map light over the console area can be manually switched on. In my car (R5083), the map light comes on when the doors are opened and the dome lights do not. The dome lights can be individually switched on and off with their respective manual slider switches. When the doors are closed, the map light will not manually switch on (I do suspect this is wrong and will be checking that switch). So how should the interior lights operate and did this change at any point in the production run? Thanks, Pete
  7. Thanks to 64studeavanti for the answer to where the plate piece goes. So it doesn't attach to anything--it just lies there loose under the battery and on top of the battery box floor? It would be odd that it has holes, cuts, and bends but doesn't attach to anything. Or does it attach to something?
  8. I finished installation of the strap-like battery support today. I shortened the longer leg of the support by 3/4" (cut it and welded it back together). Then I found that it obstructed two holes in the battery box--one for the non-fixed battery J-bolt and one for a 1/4" bolt holding a clip for the wiring harness that goes to the left headlight and parking/signal light. So I had to notch the support in two places to clear those holes. I also repaired the crack in the battery box with fiberglass and hopefully, with the aid of the new support, it won't crack again. At this point, I don't pla
  9. Well, I managed to remove the two rusty bolts that will hold the strap-like battery brace in place. Then I found out that the longer leg of the brace is about 3/4" too long (see picture) for a Studebaker Avanti, due to its lower fenders compared to the Avanti II. So I will have to cut the longer leg and weld it back together to make it 3/4" shorter. Then it will work just fine. Still don't know where to put the plate-like support. Maybe an Avanti II owner can shed some light on it.
  10. I was working on the Avanti battery box this afternoon (preparing for fiberglass repair) and have answered literally half of my initial question. The strap-like piece goes on top of the frame rail and under the inner edge of the battery box. Its front end attaches to the front bolt on top of the frame rail in the attached picture (a view from the front left wheel well--disregard the popsicle sticks I'm using as shims to raise the battery box for fiberglass repair) . That front bolt fastens the left radiator support bracket to the top of the left frame rail. The rear end of the strap conne
  11. I purchased Stude Int'l part number 800076, battery tray reinforcement, for $60 about a year ago. It consists of two pieces (see picture) and came with no instructions. From looking at the two pieces, it is not obvious to me how to install it. The only clue is in the catalog description, which reads "Metal panel fits under battery. Bracket bolts to radiator support & front sway bar bolt. Standard on later models. Good addition on earlier models." My battery tray cracked many years ago (long before I owned it) and was "fixed" by using 9 screws to fasten an L-shaped piece of sheet met
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