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  1. studegary

    Avanti Ad #2!

    Based on the wording and the times, I will say 1.
  2. It may be "pretty reasonable" if you do your own work, parts aren't needed and you do not have to transport a non-op. Also, the chassis is a mystery. It has passed my limit (considering transport). There are couple asking what I consider to be ridiculous prices for these (1990s). The only recent sales that I know of were in the $8K to $10K range.
  3. Welcome to the AOAI Forum. I think that you would do better placing this under "parts", rather than "Avantis For Sale"(where it is). Perhaps the Moderator can move it for you. As far as the part, good luck. As you probably know, there were only 27 of these made. Of course, there may have been some spares/excess manufactured.
  4. That is the body number plate. I believe that your 1965 was bodied with the one of the MFG bodies. (Someone can correct me if I am incorrect on this.) As an aside, I have been trying to get the 1965 models included in the category with the other Avanti IIs, along with several other corrections to this AOAI Forum, for a year.
  5. studegary

    Avanti Run!

    Yes, 24 (according to my records).
  6. studegary

    Avanti Run!

    I thought that they were assembled in 19 different months, so I guess that you are looking for 3) 18.
  7. studegary

    Avanti Gear!

    noise and the part costs more
  8. studegary

    Avanti Ad!

    I do not know what ad, but it sounds like Kelly, so I will say 3.
  9. studegary

    Avanti Gear!

    My guesses are noise and corrosion.
  10. Having been in that riding mechanic's seat, I will attest to its being more suited to that boy than it is to an adult male.
  11. This sounds familiar, but my memory bank isn't coming up with this one. I am thinking that he wanted an early AM/FM radio.
  12. studegary

    Dash Pad

    It is up to you, but with the condition of that dash, I would just clean it and possibly re-dye it. A layer of consistent new color will hide much. I was expecting to see a dash that is practically falling apart, like many are. Welcome to the AOAI Forum. That appears to be well equipped 1963 with power windows and A/C. I assume that you know that the radio is not for a 1963.
  13. Probably plates of MFG or the company's owner.
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