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  1. If I read this right, you are using the same distributor in the same engine. I assume that the engine hasn't been turned. Then I can not see what is giving you the problem, unless there is something in the way, like a washer (that is blocking the hole) or something else fell into or on the distributor hole. Get a good light and perhaps a mirror and look around and in the area of the hole.
  2. studegary

    Long Avanti!

    No need to "cheer up" I count it as three correct today - hood, paint and length. How about what Regnalbob posted about the 4/70 Esquire? If you noticed, three prominent Avanti people supported my answer and no one, except you, disagreed.
  3. studegary

    Long Avanti!

    Hopefully, we are not taking what is in a magazine ad as final authority. Thanks for the confirmation and support guys.
  4. studegary

    Avanti Hood!

    4) external tooth lockwasher (along with a plain washer)
  5. 2) blisters - "...the formation of small blisters under the surface of the paint."
  6. I believe that the answer is the console cooling kit. I didn't look up that part number, but the part number for the kit to install it in earlier cars is 1562554.
  7. studegary

    Long Avanti!

    1963-1971 are the same body, bumpers and chassis and are 192.5". I just checked a 1966 Avanti factory sheet and a couple of other factory items. The 1973s "grew" to 197.5 due to the bumpers.
  8. I will say False, merely because I do not remember it (no proof that it didn't exist). I think that there were full page ads, but not a "brochure".
  9. studegary

    Long Avanti!

    How can a 1970 be as long, or longer, than a 1973?
  10. I imagine that the bleachers were sourced locally and the props went on the plane with the Avantis.
  11. studegary

    Long Avanti!

    I will go with 5) none of the above. A 1971 (like a 1970) is 192.5" and a 1973 (with "bumpers") is 1) 197.5".
  12. Avanti83 - Excellent results in both cases. I am guessing that you do not know about the wearability yet.
  13. There is at least one all electric Avanti on the road. It is based on a Leaf chassis. The owner/builder has been trying to sell it on eBay.
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