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  1. I will bear with you. I am in the next decade after you in age (80s, not 70s). I have owned three new and used Avantis and worked on many others. Good luck on your Avanti quest.
  2. I had no way to previously know your abilities or experience. I was not trying to be an armchair quarterback. I just wanted to put a general caution on something to check out there for all. Someone else can provide the numbers for you. EDIT: The front track/tread width on a 1963 - 1985 Avanti is 57.1 inches (based on '58 dimensions that I have handy - same suspension) and on a 1984 Corvette it is 59.6 inches. This is a difference of 2.5 inches, closer to my "about...three inches" than your "less than an inch". EDIT II: I understand that some of the difference may be in different
  3. Not an answer to ride height, but I caution you on the use of the Corvette front end. I believe that the Corvette has about a three inch wider track than the Avanti. You will either have to narrow the Corvette front end or use weird wheels to get the tires in the correct place to make the Avanti look correct. Edit in wrong place -moved
  4. The picture is not like an '05-'07 Avanti taillight. Perhaps it is just a generic picture.
  5. Just today, I figured out that by going to the three dots I could reach "edit".
  6. Now, I do not see how to completely delete a post.
  7. Is it safe to assume that you checked the interior of the cap that you removed to see if there had been any interference/rubbing? Is there shaft play/bearing wear?
  8. I do not know if Studebaker gave recommended shift points for R2 cars (I doubt it). There were only five Avantis with 4 sped and R3 from the factory, so I assume there was nothing specified for them. As a general rule of thumb, use 110% of the peak of the horsepower curve.
  9. Thanks for posting this, Lew. I used to visit Joe and his Avantis. He owned low mileage, rare Avantis such as R5643 (last Avanti and R3) and a Sears cross country Avanti [for those that do not know about him and his Avantis].
  10. Studebaker Service Letter F-1964-6, 12/5/63, three pages, covers the Console Cooling Kit. It lists the 23 parts and gives the installation directions. Yes, there should be "tubes"/hoses.
  11. Granatelli Signature Series
  12. Be sure that the windshield is exactly aligned left to right (over the "hump").
  13. I like your 1963 Daytona wagon. Is that the one that Matthew is buying? EDIT: Disregard the second sentence. I just remembered that he is buying a 1964 Wagonaire. I do like the great improvement in bumpers on your Avanti.
  14. That is too late to be a transition model. It is a true 1964. It was during the period when there were some round headlight bezel cars still made. RS is for an R2 and R is for an R1. The RSH 37 is answered in a previous post.
  15. studegary

    Avanti 56!

    Captive Air tires were standard equipment on Studebaker Wagonaires with third row seating.
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