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  1. Normal rectangle lights are the sealed beam units that were used on many production cars of the time. The one Avanti with large rectangular lights had lights that were about twice a wide.
  2. The 1988 Avanti on eBay is NOT an LSC model. They show an LSC brochure, but the car is not an LSC.
  3. Like other changes made during the 1983 model year, like dropping the "II", the 1983 20th Anniversary Coupes had rectangular lights. There was also one 1989 with large rectangular lights. Yes, the rectangular lights carried through the 1991 model year. All 1984 - 1991 model year Avantis, with the one example cited, had normal rectangular headlights.
  4. No the brakes are not engaging. With the bad booster, you would just lose boost and perhaps some vacuum in the engine (that could make it run strange). There isn't anything to apply the brakes, like with an ABS system. I would say no to the driveshaft. It could be the transmission itself, as well as the torque converter.
  5. Can you narrow it down as to coming from the engine, transmission, suspension or elsewhere? From the very little information given, I would guess a failing transmission.
  6. Sometimes there is a tag, but after all of these years you can not depend on that. Remove the fill/check plug. Stick your finger in. If there is space, you have a standard differential. If you hit something a short ways in, you have a TT differential. What does the production order for your car call out? Of course it may have been changed over time.
  7. From another post by you, you have a brand new engine. Perhaps it is just still tight and that is giving low performance.
  8. With a new block, heads, crank, etc., you didn't rebuild it, you built a new engine.
  9. I doubt that it is the carb. You could move the idle up to about 550 and try that. It may be a timing thing (advance). What is your rear axle ratio?
  10. I am not where I can look it up, so I will make a guess of 2015.
  11. studegary

    Avanti R4836!

    It was the second official 1964 model.
  12. I would wait until at least after the weekend for him to find out the shipping cost.
  13. distributor housing
  14. Not removing/replacing the old fuel may have caused your problem. In cars, especially those without a sealed system, modern fuels go bad rather quickly. Now that it is mixed up, you may need to run a couple of tanks of fuel through, unless you want to empty the system and start over.
  15. I was thinking in terms of a run of production cars, not a one off show car. Then the real answer to your question, as originally stated, is 53.
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