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  1. The newer cars all have bumper bars. They just have bumper covers over them. My comments about laws and resale were not directed at you in particular, but to all in general.
  2. The no bumper approach look nice, but many states require bumpers. Check in advance of doing this. EDIT: I know that the bumpers provide some, but little, protection. Even if your state allows no bumpers, consider that this will limit the market when it is time to sell.
  3. If the AT fluid has not been changed for awhile or you don't know when or with what, change it. I suggest Dexron.
  4. It is not just an Avanti thing. All older cars had neither a VIN nor a number on the dash. They must have rules to handle this as all states do. I guess that you just have to find the correct person. I am surprised that the car needs an emissions test (no OBD II port to plug the computer into) and not just a simple safety inspection.
  5. Thank you! You finally came around to my initial answer! I tried to support the other possibilities when you told me that I was incorrect. I saw the record breaking Avanti shortly after Joe Erdelac had it shipped to him (he didn't want to add miles to it). Joe had it garaged by R5643 and other low mileage Avantis.
  6. How do you account for round headlights on the Avanti in the picture that you reference (E to W) and square headlights in the video that Paul presented (W to E)? It is either two cars or one car that was changed. I assume that you know that there were round headlight Avantis built after the end of the transition models.
  7. Many of these DMV people now only know about the current standard 17 digit VIN. It is hard to convince some that in the past cars did not come with a VIN and used a Serial Number, that may be quite short, for a "VIN". I know that some states added an A or B to the Avanti S/N just to make it longer.
  8. In the Avanti world, it is a 1965. I do not know what your title/registration shows.
  9. As determine earlier, the Allstate Avanti was built too late to be a transition model. One possible solution is that all of the runs were by one Avanti, sometimes with square headlights and sometimes with round headlights. This may have been due to accident damage or other reasons that we will probably never know.
  10. I believe that RQA 0048 is a 1965 model and not a "1967". It may not have been sold and/or first titled until the 1967 model year and incorrectly received a 1967 title/registration.
  11. Look at the door. In larger letters (than the ones that you quote) it states; "NEW YORK to SAN DIEGO"
  12. I think that the round headlight Avanti was a tire test from NY to CA. The Murphy record run was CA to NY in a square headlight Avanti (refer to Paul's video).
  13. I believe that you are referring to the Allstate tire test Avanti that ran from NY to CA and was not driven by the two young ladies that drove on the record trip from CA to NY.
  14. I didn't have the S/N of this Avanti in my mind. Now that Paul has provided it (R4938), I still think that my answer is correct. It was built during the period of a mix of round and square headlights, but they are still 1964 models. The first 1964 was R4835. R4836 and R4837 were 1963s because they were built earlier than R4835. In any case, this was more than 100 cars before the Allstate car.
  15. That is what I was thinking. The added weight of A/C, cruise control, etc. on Avanti IIs made up for the difference in the weight of the engines. IIRC, Studebaker added spring spacers to A/C cars.
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