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  1. In c.1974, I purchased a 1963 Avanti from the original owner. He was a known TV personality. He had repainted his turquoise Avanti in a chocolate brown.
  2. Thanks. I see that it is for the 1984-1986 Cherokee. It seemed a little expensive until I noticed that the price was for two.
  3. Is that a "Cherokee" or a Grand Cherokee, a different car/body?
  4. I think that all four are good ideas for the "delicate" pw's.
  5. I'll make a stab at this - Bamboo Cream.
  6. I can highly recommend this event. I used to attend on a regular basis. At one special one (special to me), Bob Bourke signed up for the SDC while seated in my 1953 Commander Starliner (appropriate).
  7. I remember $500, but I do not remember that as being in 1962.
  8. studegary

    Unusual R2!

    The first one modified to be an R3.
  9. studegary

    A LOT of typing!

    Yes, and I would venture that the majority (more than half) belongs to you.
  10. I sure did! It would really be something if that Avanti was steel.
  11. I do not see why Regnalbob would have to contact George Krem first. Regnalbob was quoting from the Avanti monograph publicly available from the SNM. George Krem was largely responsible for the document, but it is a SNM document. This makes me wonder why George Krem does not participate on this AOAI Forum (as far as my recollection). Regnalbob's original response was;"Item 331 - Exhaust system with resonators. " He got into the Serial Numbers later.
  12. The Engine Number would be unique to R2 engines in an Avanti.
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