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  1. Thanks, Bob. That is a very well restored vehicle. The two 1959 Scotsman pickups that I owned both had the Deluxe Package ($37.66) giving them the fiberglass grille plus.
  2. What "You-Tube video"? I have owned two 1959 Studebaker pickups.
  3. It is likely that I know the Avanti, but not by S/N. I will make a WAG; it raced at Lime Rock.
  4. studegary

    Eighth R3!

    That sounds familiar, but how could that be considered a "major modification"?
  5. My thought is; What "useless hole" are you referring to?
  6. studegary

    Eighth R3!

    It was built as a white automatic. I will guess that it was converted to a four speed. I don't remember that happening to that Avanti, but I will go with that as my guess.
  7. I am not picking on Raymond. As you should know, he had little to do with the final design of the Avanti.
  8. Yes, the electric pumps are pushers so they should be placed close to the source (the tank).
  9. You may call it "lame", but my information came from one of the original Avanti design team.
  10. Do you really believe that or are you just arguing? All designers "borrowed" from each other. The Avanti combined design features of some of the most popular designs of the time, including the E-Type Jaguar and the Continental (both 1961 models released to the public in 1960).
  11. The casting number pictured is on the block, not on a head. Look midway on the head, like in Bob's picture.
  12. I will make a guess - first factory sun roof.
  13. Not the actual piece, but the piece in question is not the actual piece - I will say 1960s Chrysler products that used the hood ornament design as a steering wheel center. There are probably others, but not that come to mind and I will not research it (as usual).
  14. Watching the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale this evening and one of the commentators came across Alice Cooper. They engaged in a brief conversation during which Alice mentioned he had a 1963 Avanti that he was having refurbished. The commentator responded, "Studebaker"! Alice replied that he had always loved Studebakers. I saw this interview. The above I "lifted" from the SDC Forum (rather than "typing" the same thing).
  15. studegary

    Last "A"!

    I agree. I thought that I had answered this right away, but I guess that it was one of the times that my input did not show up.
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