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  1. I have a couple that we cast and plated as test for reproduction but with all the handwork we have about $300 into each one. The need to use the contact that is isolated and riveted to the old bar. They are nice. Rob
  2. Dan Skidmore is my uncle. His car was the one used in the action shots. Another one was used for the stationary shots. His was repainted to match the first car which looked great but didn't run so well. My brother now owns his car and keeps it in Boise Idaho. I don't know much about the other one. Rob
  3. Thank you, They are the 3/8-24. I had extrapolated the probable torque setting but couldn't find it listed. I know it could be different because they are threaded into a casting. Rob
  4. I had a bolt back out and hit the rotor so I disassembled and cleaned it all. I bought new fine thread grade 8 bolts and lock washers as shown in the manual. The one thing I couldn't find in either the Avanti manual or the '59-'64 manual was the torque for these bolts. Is it listed somewhere else? These are the 3 bolts that mount the adapter that the caliper is mounted on to the spindle. I consider them very important. Rob
  5. There is a spacer that is under the left rear engine mount. it looks like a 1/2 inch thick round flat washer. This lowers the front of the engine some. Make sure this is in place. Rob
  6. Last I heard no one was reproducing it. The market is quite small and it wouldn't be possible to sell enough to make a run to keep the price reasonable. I have seen ads looking for even small amounts of NOS material for repairs. Rob
  7. That is what I do. Others will tell you to replace the master cyl. with a dual and others will say to replace the whole system with a modern kit. All are good valid suggestions. Whatever you do remember that stopping is your most important system. It must be maintained no matter which way you go. Rob
  8. I think it helps but I have never had one that didn't seep some. It would be nice if it were sealed but that wasn't the design. Rob
  9. There is an exploded picture of the setup in the parts manual on plate # 11-2. Page 108
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