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  1. Last I heard no one was reproducing it. The market is quite small and it wouldn't be possible to sell enough to make a run to keep the price reasonable. I have seen ads looking for even small amounts of NOS material for repairs. Rob
  2. That is what I do. Others will tell you to replace the master cyl. with a dual and others will say to replace the whole system with a modern kit. All are good valid suggestions. Whatever you do remember that stopping is your most important system. It must be maintained no matter which way you go. Rob
  3. I think it helps but I have never had one that didn't seep some. It would be nice if it were sealed but that wasn't the design. Rob
  4. There is an exploded picture of the setup in the parts manual on plate # 11-2. Page 108
  5. When the brakes are released the fluid returns and squirts up against the top. There should be the gasket with a large flat washer below it held in place by an o-ring to deflect the fluid. The chamber is open to the atmosphere to prevent a vacuum condition in the reservoir, so there is an inherent tendency for a little seepage. Modern reservoirs use a rubber bellows to address this issue. Rob
  6. I met the owner and saw the car several years ago when I bought the original R1 and powershift trans. that was taken out of it. I was very impressed with the car. He was someone who like cars and modified them to his liking. He said he just didn't like it in white. The car appeared well done and very striking. I believe he had just retired and seemed to know everyone in town. I am sorry to hear that he has passed. Rob
  7. If you can't rebuild the old cylinder just get a new one. You're trying to save $150 dollars on your $20,000 dollar investment. The sleeves can and do slip and the time it will be tested is during an emergency stop. I just threw out a pile of sleeved cylinders that had slipped since the originals are available again. One of mine slipped just in normal use after being in use for a number of years. In new condition the originals do work very well although they won't dissipate heat as well as modern designs, allowing for fading during intense workouts. Rob
  8. sounds like dirty points in the regulator or a loose wire. Rob
  9. It was a kind of textured chrome. Kind of like a very fine wall spray-on texture that was chromed. Re-chroming it fills the low spots and is much more reflective than the original.
  10. it's the part number of the x member.
  11. The simple answer is NO. He isn't telling the truth. There were different engines as the R3 was being developed but that is another myth. the final engine was 304.5 single enclosed carburetor supercharged engine with special heads and other peripheral parts putting out an estimated 335 horse power in stock form. Rob
  12. It appears to be parked just right. Look to see if the right pivot is correctly rotated. I believe it can go in 180* off. Sorry, I can't load pictures. Rob
  13. No, It is just a coil on a curved magnet that moves the needle. Rob
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