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1983 Avanti II Gas Tank Sending Unit access


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I recently acquired an Avanti workshop manual but need clarification of the instructions in the fuel tank section.


I would prefer to not have to drop the gas tank for access to the gas gauge sending unit. At the back of the trunk is mounted a tool pouch with a “louvered” panel in the lower right section but I do not know what is used for.


In the manual:


1.       How do you remove the rear seat cushion and seat back cushion?  It was not obvious to me.

2.       What is the rear seat back inner panel?


Figure 1 in the shop manual shows it pretty tight in there. Is the sending unit removable for repair or replacement?  The instructions as I interpret them leads one to believe the tank has to be removed before access. Hope that is not the case.



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You don't need to drop the gas tank to access the sending unit.  The rear seat cushion simply pulls up and out.  The seat back is held by two bolts which will be obvious once the seat cushion is out.  Remove them and the seat back will come out.  Then there's a panel with a bunch of screws lining the edge...take all the screws out to remove that panel...its edges are slathered in sealer which is likely dried hard to it might some doing to pull it out or it might break free with little effort.  

Once you have that done you have free access to the sending unit on top of the tank.  The sending unit is pretty easily replaceable...just follow the manual.  Make sure you disconnect the battery...,sparks and gas fumes don't mix.  The whole job is done from the car interior.  

A bit of advice...remove the front seats before starting as it makes for much better working room.

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While you have the seat and seat back out, you can line that area with sound absorbing material -- J.C. Whitney, among others, sells it.  The fiberglass does not dampen sound and the sound dampening material really helps with the noise level.

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There is also a removable panel between the fuel tank and the trunk.  After you have removed the seats and the panel behind the back seat, you have access to the top of the tank but very limited access.  pulling the sender out requires a bit of twisting too.   I replaced my fuel tank about a year ago with a stainless-steel tank and the new tank went back in with a new sending unit.  The tank was the very last stainless steel tank offered by George Dimitsas.

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