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Does anyone have an old Avanti Dash available?  I want to try my hand at re-upholstering one but don't want to destroy my current one.

I am aware of the reproduction one available from Nostalgic Motors.

 My car is a 1978 so it would have to be compatible.  I assume anything before 1980 would work but don't know for sure.

My current dash, while probably repairable, is very brittle and cracked which I know is a common problem.

I would like to pay at little as possible as this is an experiment and I have never tried this before. I have viewed a few UTUBE videos and it doesn't look impossible just very tedious.

If I am successful, I would try to document this for other owners to see if they would like to try it.

I am in the Chicago area or I am going to be at the May 4th Studebaker swap in Southbend, Indiana, so I could pick it up there.

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You need one from the early 1970s through about 1984 or 1985.  When Avanti Motors went to the impact absorbing steering column the ignition switch moved from the dash to the steering column and the dash was modified slightly for a different control in that space.  It possibly doesn't make much difference...maybe no difference as the change may be in the instrument panel inlay and not the dash pad itself...I'm not sure on that.  I've replaced dash pads a couple of times...the procedure is not difficult but it can be a real pain depending on the car.  Later Avantis such as yours have more wiring and switches hidden than the Studebaker Avanti did and it's more wiring to tag and identify for the reverse procedure.  If you don't have a copy of the Studebaker service manual you should get one.  The procedure is explained there.

Just something for you to keep in mind.  

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I wasn't sure of years that would work so thank you for the information. I have the dash out of the car.  Yes it was pain, but not too bad.  Yes I have tagged all the wiring. I still have to trace out some of the 'extra' switches.

I am probably about a year away from putting the interior back in but I like to line up all the materials ahead of time.

I just finished the chassis, rebuilding the all the bushings and kingpins, steering, differential etc.... Just about ready to put Tie rods and steering box back in.   Also put Turner brakes on front but still keeping the Drum brakes on back.

I just thought if someone had a old dash sitting around I might try to recover it. As you can see mine is not too bad but i don't want to put it back in that way.  If I recover it I 'might have to eliminate the pleating but I don't want to.  Just want to 'play' around to see if  can do it!



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