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Brake Light stays on


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I have an 83 Avanti  and the emergency brake light is staying on even though the emergency brake is off.  This was a minor problem in the past and would usually go off after a time but this time it looks to be staying on.

Any advice? 

Thank you.

A83 Kevin

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I agree with Gary's suggestion, but anyway, there are two possibilities here,...#1(and the easiest) would be a defective e-brake warning light switch, that may only need to be lubed.....it's found under the e-brake handle cover located between the bucket seats.

#2 would be a problem inside the brake hydraulic system:o, causing the valve inside the brake proportioning unit to move sideways and activate the brake warning lamp....This valve would only move if one side of the hydraulic system has suffered a failure, such as a blown hydraulic line.

The easiest way to check this is to remove the brake master cylinder cover...... if one side of the reservoir is low or empty, then the warning light is staying on due to a hydraulic failure at the front  (or the rear) brakes.

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