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'63 Steering Wheel Puller Bolt Size?


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Question: Random steering wheel puller won't connect. What's the bolt diameter of the emblem retainer screws on a '63 Avanti steering wheel?

Long story: three years into owning R3318, I made the mistake of bracing myself against a 55 year old plastic steering wheel while adjusting my seat for first-ever rear seat passengers. The wheel broke away from the nearest spoke. I'm going to keep the wheel for the day my car budget covers ~$1k to remanufacture it. In the meantime, I bought a Grant wheel that's about the same size and similar spoke pattern, plus a mounting adapter and steering wheel puller. 

Being my first time at bat, I found out the hard way that the attachment bolts for the puller are intended for non-tapped plastic wheel holes. There isn't enough plastic above the metal core of the wheel to make a sufficiently secure purchase while the puller's center bolt pushes against the steering column. What I need are long bolts that will fit the threaded holes in the steering wheel's center metal core.

The emblem retainer screws are obviously threaded correctly and the right diameter, but not anywhere near long enough. Unfortunately, neither the shop manual nor the parts catalog mentions the screw dimensions. Can anyone purchase me a clue?



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Someone on the Avanti Owners group on FB suggested I look for quarter inch, fine threaded bolts of whatever length worked with my wheel puller. 

For extra points, I created this challenge not only in the land 'o metric, but a week before the car is due to get shipped back to the US. A local lawnmower repairman who deals in a lot of older (imperial spec) equipment gifted me a couple of 3" long .25" fine thread bolts. I attached one to the wheel to check the fit, and with just a slight tug, the wheel came right off. Woo hoo!

Subsequently, my less than perfect installation of the Grant steering wheel leaves the car w/o a functioning horn or turn signal cancel. But, it's on tight, good enough to get me to work this week, and for the very short drives onto the slow boat to the US and truck ride to my garage. When I catch up with the car this summer, I can take the time, and have the right tools, to set things right.
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