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Front End Alignment


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Rebuilding the whole front end on a 78.  I know I cannot do a full front end alignment until the car is completely together and I have the  weight on it. But as I reassemble the frame and control arms I would like to get it close. Probably cannot do much with Camber until weight is on but I would think I should be able to get the Castor pretty close.  Or does anybody have a trick to pre-load the front end to get Camber Close? I would hate to have to unbolt the top arm to flip the back pin 180 degrees after body is back on.

My question is what do I use as a reference for the Castor?  Can I use the Hub sleeve the King pin goes into or is there a better place to reference? Also when I do go to set the Camber, do  I use the hub face that the backing plate connects to or do I use the Rotor face?


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Thanks for the reply.  Probably correct about not using rotor face and since full range of camber is 1/2 turn of pin. and can be set later.  Just would hate to have to swap the the rear pin 180 degrees later. 

But should I use the wheel hub housing (the King pin goes into), to get the Castor Close? It should be easier to turn with no weight on it.

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