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Mustang Wheels become Avanti Wheels


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Mustang Bullitt Wheels with my turned center caps and Avanti center logos.



I'll add a couple shots of the inside to show clearance of the 99-04 Mustang wheels

MpRWGDv.jpg        NU4TekL.jpg

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added pictures
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16 hours ago, studegary said:

They look nice.  Be sure to use larger size (than original) lug nuts with these Ford wheels.

I figured that Bob knew to do this, but I wanted to post this for others that do not realize the difference.  Many buy the wheels that they like without getting the correct lug nuts.  

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8 hours ago, super1hawk said:

I bought some mustang wheels for my hawk but they hit the steering link. Do these fit because the avanti has the quick steer links?

Possibly or it could be the wheels. Mustang wheels vary all over the map in Diameter and back spacing. That's why I used the 99-04 Bullitt ones. Here the numbers from my setup on the 74.




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