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Voltage Regulator question


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If any of you still have original voltage regulator from your early Avanti II, please look at yours for me. I replaced the voltage regulator on my 1971 Avanti II. The old one was black and had no embossed lettering on its top. I would think that the original regulators would be Delco Remy and be marked as such.

Are your original VR's Delco and were the embossed that way? Or was it a different manufacturer? Any info would be great to know. Thanks in advance!


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It would have been a Delco to match the Delcotron alternator...but it's also possible that Avanti Motors purchased a voltage regulator that had the correct specs for the Delcotron.  I don't know whether crate engines Avanti Motors purchased came with alternators and regulators or simply the basic engine and peripherals were sourced separately.  I would expect them to come equipped for a Corvette of that year ready to drop in.

On my '70 I replaced the engine and installed a one-wire alternator and eliminated the original regulator...I can't even remember if it had a Delco regulator or a replacement.  After so many years there's really no way of knowing whether such parts are original or aftermarket replacements.  I do remember a '64 Pontiac I once owned a regulator with Delco-Remy stamped into the cover...not a sticker.  

My best guess is your regulator is an aftermarket replacement that was installed sometime over the years.

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I perused old photos of Avant II's that I've owned, but had no good closeups of the voltage regulator, nor do I know for certain whether those regulators were original; but for what its worth, here is photo I found of one in my '71... if it matches yours, then perhaps Avanti Motors didn't use a Delco unit.

closeup of voltage regulator.png

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I replace this original out of my 68 (that is for sale in the Avanti's For Sale page!) with a NAPA Echlin  VR142.  Note the 4 slot connection plug from the original. Still working fine after 4 years.


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