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1963 Avanti R-2 R-2585

steve remick

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2 hours ago, steve remick said:

Has anyone seen this R-2585 Avanti (red). The title is 1964, but is definitely a 1963. I sold it to Bob Johnson.  Kingsville Maryland?

Studebaker Service Letter No. G-1964-3 states in part; "...effective September 1, 1963 ... all new and unused Avanti models when first sold at retail ... will carry the registration year designation of 1964."  

This is why many that we consider to be 1963s are registered/titled as 1964s.  This is probably the case for the Avanti in question.  

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  • 2 years later...

Hi Steve!  I just purchased this car from Bob in Kingsville MD. I’d love to chat w/ you. I have so many questions that Bob doesn’t remember the answers to! I’ve only had it for s few days and as yet haven’t joined the association. 

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