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  1. The line from the s/c is unrestricted and connected. Beyond that I wouldn’t know how to check it. Without the engine running The electric pump will push fuel thru the mechanical pump and up to the fuel filter. With engine running (and both pumps) volume produced is more than the engine could use under any load. I will check the pressure at the carburetor next.
  2. I have not checked or changed the float level.
  3. Is there any scenario or defect that would allow pressurized intake air from the supercharger to enter the float bowl. It almost seems as though fuel is being pushed toward the fuel pump from the carb as I advance the throttle by hand while watching the clear fuel filter.
  4. I own R2585 which is an R2 w Auto trans. Beginning last summer, under full throttle the engine began running out of fuel. I changed the fuel filter and it was some better. Later, it began to starve for fuel almost every time it was under any load at all. After disconnecting fuel line to carburetor, fuel pump delivery appeared weak, at this point I had the pump rebuilt by one of our reputable rebuilders. I also found that a previous owner had added another filter above the rear end at the line from the tank. After installing the rebuilt pump and changing the filter and checking the delivery from the electric pump under the driver's seat, the fuel delivery will support low load gentle driving. As soon as I get aggressive, it seems to starve probably as soon as the float bowl runs low. At this point the see thru filter bowl between fuel pump and carb will be empty. It's as if pressure from the carb inlet is pushing the fuel back towards the fuel pump, which can't seem to overcome the pressure and deliver a steady supply. Also, the 1/4 in. line from the supercharger to the fuel pump appears to be working. I'm out of ideas, has anyone experienced this problem?
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