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Here's some discussion on the aerodynamics of the Avanti and 53 coupe. 



A 2019 Ram 4X2 1500 is .356 for reference. 

Carry on


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The SDC aero thread is rooted in 2012 and this one got its origins in 2006. I don't know why year would be an issue, if it is relevant information all being compiled into the appropriate thread for reference.

A 2019 Ram is .356 because all major manufacturers in recent days have aimed for lighter weight and less resistance to achieve better MPG numbers. Studebakers of the 1950s and 1960s achieving 0.31 or 0.37 or even 0.44 are incredible feats, especially since Raymond Loewy told Porsche's chief engineer that he designed the Avanti by feel and intuition.

Who in the Studebaker and Avanti clubs lives in or around North Carolina? There is a wind tunnel (A2) and it is open for rented sessions https://a2wt.com/

If nobody has jumped at the opportunity by next fall, I am considering taking my '85 there to find what it is. I'd still love to see a factory Studebaker version get some figures too though.

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Agree that the info is still useful.  My comment on the age of the thread was just to alert readers that some of the original posters may no longer be active and that questions may not be answered.  This seems to happen a lot on the SDC forum.

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