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78 II Ignition Change to Solid State


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My 78 II has a 305 GM motor with points and condensor ignition system. Would like to convert over to a solid state system. Any usefull tips, brands and lessons learned would be helpfull. Thanks.

Also, has anyony ever lowered the front end abit on an Avanti. It sits too high for me. Will not heat the springs. Too dangerous to the metal, Any ideas would be helpfull.

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Easiest way to convert ignition is with a HEI distributor from any late model Chevy small block. All the parts that you will need are in the distributor.

One of the Indiana members lowered his Avanti by making a custom kingpin set. Maybe someone out there has some more info?


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Are you sure you don't already have electronic ignition? GM began installing HEI as standard in '75, and Avanti Motors had been installing the previous GM Delco transistorized ignition as standard equipment since 1970.

If you do have a points ignition than someone has swapped the distributor at some point.

If you do have points, you can buy a Pertronix conversion kit for about $75 and it's an easy install. A complete HEI distributor can be bought through Summit Racing or Jeg's. Through them you can get a complete new Mallory, MSD, Pertronix or Summit HEI distributor for about $150-$225.

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