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63 R1 Avanti


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Test tune for next months 10.00  Index Race.   This run made on 12 lbs max boost.  An rpm limiter change and tweak change on the boost controller should drop it another tenth.    Last year I qualified 4th in the field of 10 and won the first round on a double breakout.   

Two boxing world champions were on tour with their coach.   Nice to be around winners and champions.

The Avanti has a feature photo and small write up in July issue of RPM Magazine (page 80).  




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Good to see your continued and impressive progress.

Here is a picture of the battery bracket I fabricted to hold the '96 Civic battery in.  What you see is version 1.3, since then I mounted the overflow bottle for the coolant, forward of the battery.





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Tom, it looks like you and I think in similar ways.  If you haven't replaced the rupture prone surge tank with an overflow bottle, think about using that open space at the front end as the bracket mount for a catch bottle.

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Gas tank had rust issues, pin holes and was clogged up.  Opened it up and acid dipped the interior.  This dissolved all the rust.  Then sealed the interior with a full quart plus of Red Kote. This stuff is awesome!  Brush coated several layers.  Water and fuel tested before reinstall.  No issues.  Painted exterior and reinstalled.  Good for another 60+ years.  










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Thanks, its been almost a year now.  Replaced the cracked windshield with new gasket and windshield.  Primed and rust proofed the window framing areas.  Pulled out all the bad interior side and started cutting vinyl and some sewing.  And made a few parts while trying to learn 3d printing and CAD.  Key word is "trying."  Dash is finished after many weeks but still not installed.  













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Tom,    must be something on your end....  I just added this JPG image.   Can you just drag a JPEG image into the photo space at the bottom of the message window, like I just did with this screenshot showing how to add photos to a post? 


Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 9.07.30 AM.jpg

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Have tried both "drag" and "choose files" and pop up says "Only allowed 20.48 Kbytes"  Also tried it on a new HP computer with windows 10 and Edge and Chrome all the other garbage apps and same pop up appears.  Taking the photo size down does the same.  No other forum has this problem.  The SDC site is excellent on hosting photos and so is Racing Studes.  But a few weeks back all was fine.  Even hosted some for the person in England.  Then sudden "photo stops".  

Thanks for the investigation. 

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On 11/30/2016 at 12:39 PM, JWL1940 said:

Mike, I'll get out in the garage today and take some photos of the trunk area where the cable is located and email them to you.


Oops, this should have gone in a different thread, the one about the release cable.

JWL, can you tell me where you posted the trunk cable photos? Mike is broken and I've not yet looked into it. Thanks!


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