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If you have the shop and parts manual, one of them has a schematic.

Try using a test light...activate the lights on that circuit and test both ends of the fuse. If you show power to the supply side of the fuse and not the other, the fuse must be bad even if you don't see it broken inside the glass tube.

If you have a continuity tester, you can remove the fuse altogether and test it to see if it can pass current.

If there's no power on the supply side of the fuse, the problem is either dirty or rusty contacts or before the power gets to the fuse box. Also look for bad ground connections.

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Thanks Gunslinger

All was working fine and then boom just stopped

I noticed my parking lghts were not working and I removed them and cleaned the terminals and reinserted and they worked fine

I will use a test light

I thought it might be the driver door switch until I checked the trunk and Glove Box

I downloaded the wiring schematic

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