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Looking at this R2 4 Speed - Opinions?


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Been looking for a R2 with 4 Speed for a long while. Found this one and thinking seriously about grabbing it. Any advice/opinions appreciated. Supposedly came out of a collection and has been sitting in a warehouse in Arizona since early 1980's. I have experience with Avantis that have set for a long time so that doesn't scare me too bad. I am a little worried about rust - being told Hog Troughs are solid but the rusted out tube cross-member worries me.


Any comments/advice appreciated.

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As it should! The car looks to have been stored in damp conditions at some point in time by looking at the corrosion under the hood. I'd want to have a good look at the underside before I'd go any further.

There are plenty of issues with the car from the deteriorating interior to the major corrosion under the hood. It will not be an inexpensive car to restore.

What would scare me the most would be the lack of a title, I'd ask the seller for the engine and Vin number also. That way you may be able to find a little history by using Google or this forum and you'll know more about what is there. The issues with no title is the difficulty in getting one particularly if the data plate isn't there. IT could be anything up to stolden and you don't want to find that out later.

$6995 is really on the bottom end of the price range but the car needs a lot and I'll bet it would easier and less expensive to buy one in driving condition.

Just be sure to proceed with great caution if you decide to pursue it and don't, under any circumstances, buy it without a close inspection of the car and any paperwork.


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FYI - A car without a title can be registered in Maine if over 20 years old.

Purchased a 71 Avanti II with no title last year on e-bay. Not too many bidders do to the title issue, it would be a parts donor in many places. Hopefully restored to drive-able condition for Warwick meet.

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In the immortal words of JDP, "There's nothing so expensive as a cheap Avanti."

As it sits, that's a collection of parts which thirty years ago was an Avanti. If one has much more time and energy than disposable income, then it's maybe a good starting point to own an R2 4-speed. If time and energy are in doubt, buy a running, driving car. They're still out there for dirt cheap.

jack vines

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This Avanti is interesting.....looks like it was retrofitted with A/C years ago, which, of course, is unusual to find on an R2!

The frame would have to be nice and solid for me to part with 7K,...and then the worry of not having a clear title would begin!!

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