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  1. VTMike, Just saw this posting. My email is ron@crall.com and phone/text is 207 502 3633. 63R-1025 is mine. It was a factory car driven by Andy and Joe Granatelli from the factory to Paxton in July 1962 and used for R3 development. The engine, RS1021, was modified extensively and the car became the Hot Rod Magazine R3 road test car and was drag raced by Andy G as well as used by him as his personal Avanti. It was eventually sold to Paxton by the factory in 65 and subsequently purchased by Vince Granatelli for personal use. Prior to his purchase it was never registered and driven with California Manufacturers license plates. The heads are R2 and have had a tremendous amount of machine work done to them as well as triple valve springs with had made lightweight spring retainers. The intake manifold is R2 with additional machine work. The cam has 276 degree part number but might have had additional grinding. Both Andy and Vince stated that it was not bored to 299cid but was stroked. They were looking for a bit of additional torque to improve drag racing numbers while retaining the 299 displacement that was a legal modification to the 289 engine as 60 over pistons were stock maintenance items for that engine.
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