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I have a strong interest in 2001-2007 Avantis. This includes a current offer on one.

They were sold new with both Avanti and Pontiac/Ford paperwork and numbers.

I forsee problems with getting a title and registration as an Avanti in NY. If I am succssful, this leads to another problem with the NY State inspection. The dash (viewed through the windshield) VIN is for the Pontiac/Ford and not for an Avanti. For the annual NY State inspection the car's OBD II port is hooked up to the state's computer in Albany and the bar code is read on the registration sticker on the windshield with a scanner hooked to the computer. The car's computer will state that it is a Pontiac/Ford and not an Avanti and the sticker bar code will state what it is registered as.

If it is titled/registered as a Pontiac/Ford, rather than an Avanti, this leads to valuation and identification problems. In the case of a loss, you would only be able to collect the meager value of a used 2001-2002 Pontiac or 2005-2007 Ford. If it is possible to get specialty insurance as an Avanti, then it could not be registered as a Ford/Pontiac for state inspection purposes.

I guess those that do not have state inspections, or at least not the kind where there has to be a computer hook-up between the car's OBD II and the state's computer, have it much easier.

I hope that I have spelled out enough to define my potential problems with purchasing one of these cars. I would appreciate comments and especially personal experience with these items.

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My '02 Avanti is registered as an Avanti here in the People's Republic of Maryland...even with the Pontiac VIN. Every two years when I run the car through required emissions testing the VIN scans as a Pontiac Firebird but hasn't proved a problem. I know some states won't register and title a car as anything other than what VIN decodes to.

American Collectors Insurance agreed to insure the car as I already had two other cars insured through them. They may not have done so otherwise.

About all I can suggest is to talk to someone at your DMV...maybe you'll find a friendly and understanding person there.

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The car had 2000 miles on it when I purchased it...it was titled to the dealer so it was technically a used car so I received a title for the car as an Avanti. I never got a GM or Avanti Motors manufacturers statement of origin. When I brought the car into Maryland I had to run the car through state inspection and the Motor Vehicle Administration accepted the out-of-state title and Maryland certificate of inspection both with the GM VIN.

Maybe I was lucky but Avanti is a legitimate make and MVA titled it that way.

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