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paint and tire questions


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Just starting to get my 63 R1 ready for a new paint job. Is the formula for 'Avanti White" available. This is a complete color change so I don't have any white to match for a formula. Also what color should the engine be? I've been told that the wheels are "Wimbleton White. Is that correct or is there a specific paint code for the wheels.

I have not yet decided if I want to go with radials or stay with bias ply tires. At St. Louis this past August there seem to be a big discussion regarding the correct bias tire. What tire is closest to correct?

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The correct bias tire is 6.70-15. Different vendors sell that size but dimensionally there will be some slight differences. The closest P-metric size in a radial is P205/75R15 but they're not the most common size. Actually...the closest would be P195/75R15 but good luck finding tires in that size. Still...radials are worth it for safety and performance. If you don't plan on driving the car much bias tires will be fine.

Coker Tires is now selling radial tires that are bias appearing...read that as $$$$. Your choice and how much you care to spend.

Ford Wimbledon White is a close, almost exact match for the wheels. It's probably what most go with.

The Avanti White...not sure about about the formula...since paints have changed a great deal over the decades, even if you have the original formula it may not be exact. You might check with auto body shops and see if they list a current formula. Each paint supplier may have a different formula.

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regarding the paint color formula, check with Dave Thibeault after the Hershey show. He probably has original formula information.

Regarding tires, I bought new powder coated wheels from him; he orders from CA. They are a bit wider as to accommodate the steel belted Firestones I am using. The rims were pricy ,600 for all 4

I ordered another set for my 63 GT Hawk as that car also has Firestone radials. With a 53+ year car with rims that old, I wanted to feel very safe on the highway cruising at 60 or 80mph depending on my mood.

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I bought these for my R1 and have so far been very happy; http://www.americastire.com/dtcs/findTireDetail.do?ra=searchTiresBySize.do&fl=&tc=HANPA7&c=0&rcz=91106&pc=10983&ar=75&rf=true&rd=15&rc=CALINT&cs=205

Hankook claims the minimun rim width is 5.00" and they look to have a very nice shape. So far, at 700 miles, they look to be wearing evenly across the face. On top of that, the speedo reads pretty darn accurate, an indicated 40 shows 38 on all the different radar readouts around the area. Better than my wife's Camry.

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