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Need Avanti Valve covers.


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Folks, I have 2 choices,.. 

My existing 63 R2 Valve covers are chrome and rusty. (so are my Bumper-ettes on both front and back)

I could have them re-chromed ...OR...buy new ones. 

Do Y'all have any sources for buying new ones?    I'm flatlining on my search.

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Check an issue of the AOAI Magazine...I don't have one handy to see.  There's a vendor who sells reproduced bumper parts.  Don't know about the valve covers, though.

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Dwight.. Makes sense, but I don't have any covers (or Bumperettes)  other than the chromed versions on the car.

Thus if I'm ending up buying em, I might as well pay up. but not the $600+ the other Co's is advertising for.

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