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Hello, Ihave a question about my dash gauges, I own a 1978 Avanti and have had it for 3 years, just this past week, when driving at nite the dash gauges, AMP.

TACH. and Fuel, start to flicker, just those three. Is there a common ground that connects just to those three gauges that could be the issue, or something else ??

Thanks for any help,


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4 hours ago, ALAGENT99 said:

Thanks for the quick reply....the gauges work fine, they flicker randomly, not in sync with each other, driving or stopped at a traffic light does not matter they still flicker.

I will check out the diagrams you sent,

 Thank You,


On my 82 model, I found the + wire from the fuse box to the amp meter was melted at the gauge and so was the stem insulator for that wire on the gauge.  While not completely shorted out, it was causing a lot of gauge problems.  Replacing the amp meter and replacing part of the wire took care of mine.

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