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Flea market find...


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Over the weekend my wife I visited a local flea market where I found this yardstick that was a promo for a Studebaker dealer...Zacharias Motors. I believe they were located in Pennsylvania and I assume this was from the 1950's based on that their phone number were only four digits and hadn't been upgraded to the three-digit exchange yet. I think they must have still had to go through operators for phone calls. I remember as a youngster during that time period we had to do that...it was probably late 1950's or very early 1960's before we had a seven digit phone number and many still had party lines.





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Cool!.....I too recall picking up the telephone to place a call and hearing "Operator"...and then giving her (ALWAYS a her!) the four digit phone number I wanted to call.

I even REMEMBER one of the phone numbers I'd call!.....My dad's resturaunt.....I'd call there to pester him all the time!....His number was...8554.

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that is a very cool find. Why not create a mirror type shadow box and display it. I know another poster that might go well with it :)

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