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87 seats?


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I always thought they were from the donor car.

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On 8/30/2023 at 4:18 AM, jleonard said:

I'm getting my 87 reupholstered. Leather is now costing over $600/hide and I'm told the Avanti will need 5.5 hides for seats and door panels. Does anyone know what the front seats are from? Someone thought they were from a Caddilac (?)

Don't know what they came from, but I just had two seats redone for my motorhome at the airport interior guy. He used aircraft approved wool and vinal to replace the "fake leather" they were made with. Turned out looking 100% better than they were and was a lot less expensive than going to the auto interior guy.  Hope your able to get what your looking for. 

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