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Rick Allen

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In the process of rebuilding my ’64 R2, have new pistons and am ready to put the connecting rods on. 

The book calls for connecting rod #s 527114 for odd number cylinders and 527114 for even, my connecting rods numbers are 526956 for all 8 pistons and I’ wondering why the number is different than what the book calls for, I’m sure the engine is original and never apart!

Any feedback is appreciated!,,,

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7 minutes ago, 64studeavanti said:

526956 is the casting number for all rods odd or even. There should be a stamped cylinder number, 1, 2, 3 etc on the rod and cap where they fasten together. As long as you install them in the correct cylinders and orientation, you should be good.

Yes, there is the 1-8 cylinder numbers on the rods; putting only casting number on parts is very confusing for someone like me, thanks for the clarification. 

So any rod with that same casting # is correct for an R1/R2 engine?

What do the other numbers mean, if anything, date codes, foundry, etc. ?



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I think the odd even rods have different part numbers due to the oil hole location in the main journal. Quite often after market rods have two holes in the rod journal so they will work in any location. The hole is there so as to squirt oil on the cylinder wall.

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Those are forging numbers not casting numbers.  The rods are different because the oil squirt holes have to be in a different location between the left and right banks.

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