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AT - availability of parts for rebuild ?


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The AT in my new-to-me '63 R2 is sick - suspect a rebuild is needed. What's availability of parts for a rebuild?

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The Transmission seals kit should be readily available from many vendors as it has a shared lineage. As I was told by a late learned rebuilder, "Ask for a Kit for a Warner Type 8 Small Iron Case and it will be covered".  

A USA specialist is  https://www.fatsco.net

eBay example    https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/281044057801

Note that many kits do not have bearing bushes or even clutch discs included and you may require to source these specifically. The imperative advice I also received was to always replace the bushing at the Front Pump nose (where the input shaft runs). Many of your other bushes will be ok, but you ought to measure 'em and consider their fate. I would suggest you seeing this this Blog http://studebakerflightomatic.blogspot.com/

These transmissions are quite easily overhauled and the Studebaker Shop manual is very good.

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Most kits do not have the correct rear output seals. Bands can be sent off and relined in even high performance  Kevlar materials. Alto Red Clutches for Ford FMX can be used and will hold more than 600hp. B & M sprag clutch can be used and is stronger. There are differences in powershift over standard flight-o-matics.  Drums and bands are wider, and some clutch apply pistons are different and have built in check valves regular flight-o-magics do not have.



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