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Orange and turquoise vinyl or upholstery wanted


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I’m looking for turquoise vinyl or seat skins. Also, I bought a late 63 that came with the orange/tangerine interior. The problem being the prior owner dyed the entire interior black. I would consider good used door panels and seat skins for it. Maybe even for the turquoise car. Let me know what you have. I may need a 63 white steering wheel also.

Is carpet in orange or turquoise with the black speckles available in reproduction?

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I got my orange interior kit from SI and it took a good 9 months to receive. I ordered my turquoise set from a different source a year ago and am still waiting. The carpet sets are available from avantiparts.biz in red, turquiose, and fawn Tuxedo colors.


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I can get the orange, even the heat pleated door panel material. It's an exact match. My supplier also says she can get the turquoise, but I haven't had any samples from her yet. The carpet is available in the red and black, turquoise and black, and red and black. My supplier can get it in the exact weave as original, not the reproduced "tuxedo" crap that is an incorrect loop pile. It is the correct frieze short shag. 

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