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Damaged Halibrand or Real Rodders Wheel Available


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Hi Tom- In the interests of the wider Avanti/Studebaker crowd, are you 'advertising' the availability of the wheels anywhere, or is this likely to be only a limited one-time order  ?

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On 3/21/2023 at 2:45 PM, 1inxs said:

Tom listed his price in the 17th post in this thread!

Tom...saw that the prices are expected to be $295 each and the spinners are $425 perset of spinners... Are these firm prices? Exactly how do we order?

THanks Ron Husak

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If you look near the bottom, he listed his contact number in the same #17 post for you to call and order your wheels! Good luck Ron

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Sample Wheels Received Today!

Here are some photos of the sample wheels that I received from my supplier today. They provided me two different finishes: 1) all the samples were polished in all areas except the inside of the recessed areas in each spoke and the lug bolt area, 2) clear coated entire wheel. These wheels have an excellent polish and the recessed areas also have a bit of gloss and appear a lighter gray color, 3)The non-clear coated wheels appear darker gray in the recessed areas, and the polish to the rest of the wheels appear much more brilliant. I think you will be able to see this in the pictures below. Also shown is a forged aluminum spinner that the supplier is offering me at no tooling cost. There is also no minimum order quantity. The are very well polished and do not have any pits anywhere. The are different from the ones that Dave Kinney has offered. They are plain and do not have the rough cast finish in the bottom of the spinner bars. They are also a bit more rectangular all over. They also do not include the "Hallibrand Engineering" text toward the outside of the spinner. Please comment on what you would like to see me do as far as the finish. I am looking into have the Avanti "A" or "Avanti" laser engraved across the middle the spinners. I have also discussed with the supplier a different bolt circle diameter that would allow use of these wheels on Avanti II's using the larger Chevy 5 inch bolt circle. I will need to buy a minimum of 60 pieces. I am trying to buy bulk wheel nuts from Gorilla Auto to be able to offer everything you need to put the wheels on your car. I am going to discuss the lead time for production parts which I believe will be about 4-5 weeks. Please give me some feedback on the finish question about as well as engraving the spinners. 

I will sell these through my EV parts company Think Parts 4U. Price is $295 per wheel plus shipping from Tipton, Indiana. Thanks for your patience with me on these wheels. I will also be bringing wheels to the national meet in St. Louis and to the SDC Swap Meet in South Bend in early June.

Looking forward to your feedback! 

Tom Goesch - 317-385-1184


No Clear Coat


Clear Coated Wheel 

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I vote-no clear coat for best appearance. Spinners plain-can be used on full Studebaker line of cars as well as Avanti Motors. Just to clarify, would clear coat wheels also be $295 or is clear coat at additional cost. Are the spinners still $425 a set?

Thanks for the update

Robert Sylvester

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