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For Sale: Quart Avanti Maroon Paint, Trim Kare Cleaner, & Tar and Road Oil Remover Can


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Cool Studebaker Cans for sale. See two pictures below; detailed close-up pictures here on my Google Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/1kgvPT8UoJvSKqAL7

Prices do not include shipping; usually I ship USPS. Contact me thru the Message function on this forum, or email me at: r1lark at aol dot com (letter “r”, number “one”, lark). Payment by PayPal ‘friends or family’ option, or USPS Money Order. Thanks, Paul

***SOLD*** Studebaker Avanti paint can -- Avanti Dark Maroon Metallic, nice can, has a small dent but doesn't detract from its presentation. Can is full and still liquid. $35

Studebaker Trim Kare -- full can, excellent label and plating still in very good condition. These are hard to find in this condition since the labels were quite fragile and deteriorated if not stored carefully. $65

Studebaker Tar and Road Oil Remover can -- nice graphics, slightly yellowed, can is empty. $12


DSC08235 paint and cleaner.jpg


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