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Rear gear info


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Good day all. I've been researching my 81 and was wondering about a few things.

1. What's the rear gear ratio for a Dana 44 in an 81 with the 305/350?

2. is it a posi or open?

3. I was told that I should service the rear with "Brass friendly gear oil"...Why?

4. Is there a way, without looking at the engine, to tell if I have a "LG3" 305 or a "LG4" 305? I have the "born sheet" from Dan, but it doesn't specify. it states "305 CU. IN. Engine - 1981" on the build sheet.

Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated.


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RQB3263/81/305   My 81 has the original metal tag on rear gear cover bolts  indicating 2.72 ....this is great especially with the 700r4 trans I installed 5 yrs ago... now taching 1800 at 70 MPH.... with that my 305 should last a long time ...In fact the lower end has already lasted 41+ yrs ...your set up is probably identical  but  with a TH350 trans unless someone has been messing around with a perfectly good and beautiful cruiser .... keep up the good work .....BILL in Fl

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