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Looking for good used vent window/glass channel assemblies left and right

Jim S

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The felt was worn on my front window channels that are riveted to the vent windows.  I  purchased new channels from SI.  Unfortunately, that were poorly made and did not fit right  at all. The top piece that should slide into the top of the vent window frame was way too wide.  After filing it down enough to fit, it just broke off.  Also the arc is wrong so the glass does not slide freely enough.  I had to just eat the cost and give up on these things.  So I hope maybe someone has a pair of good used ones (complete assembly) with reasonably good felt left in them that is affordable.  It's an 87 convertible Moneypit model.  Thanks!  I'm also looking for a someone in the lower Alabama/Mississippi/Florida area that is real good at body work on these things.  I  have hit a brick wall trying to get the doors to fit properly on this car.  I need professional help.

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