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Power Doorlocks


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Couple of questions here from the non-mechanic. The power door locks on my '87 are not working. I referred to the 1987 wiring diagram and it appears that my system is wired according to diagram right down to the wire color. I have noticed that when I activate either one of the switches I hear a faint click under the dash on the right hand side, somewhat like a relay switch. I do have a security/alarm system in the car. It is a K-9 Model K9-Five. Not sure if it was an aftermarket installation or a factory installed option on the LSC model. My question is, could that security system have anything to do with the door locks not operating? The door locks also do not operate when the security system is engaged. Any suggestions?

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Thanks pantera928. I will look under the dash to see if I can locate where that relay may be. I did try bypassing and direct wiring from switch to actuator but got no results. I did verify that the hot wire was a constant hot and replaced both actuators but still no positive results. I live in a small town USA and finding a mechanic or technician willing or able to works on a 1987 car is next to impossible. 

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