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Windshield wiper breaking loose at the cowl mount fiberglass


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I have a very early Avanti serial number R1016. The wiper mechanism on the passenger side had broken out of the cowl many years ago. Looking under the dash I can see that the wiper on that side is disabled leaving the only operative wiper on the driver’s side. I intend to make this repair but want to make sure it’s right. I seem to remember a service bulletin that addressed this problem and was hoping someone here might be able to copy and post it here. I think the factory actually beefed up this area in the cowl in a similar manner that was done with the doors due to the cracking around the regulators. Anyone out there familiar with the problem, repair and proper adjustment.


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Now that is nasty. I don't have any access to the factory repair but I'd get on the phone to Dan Booth at Nostalgic Motors and ask his advice. 

He would probably also be one of the best sources for the repair panel which would make the job easier. It also looks like some one tried to repair it previously due to the rectangular shape of the cracking at the base of the mechanism.

Otherwise, IIWM, I'd probably make an impression of the drivers side area and duplicate it in fiberglass to patch this side. You could also reinforce it with a metal plate if necessary.

A second person to ask advice is Brad Bez on this forum or at his business https://www.bezautoalchemy.com/

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