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Hello, I have read somewhere, cannot remember where, about the trick to get into the trunk if the pull cable breaks, but do not know if there is also a trick to open the hood if that pull cable breaks.

Does anyone have any knowledge of a trick to open the hood in case the pull cable fails?

Another question, the gas tank over flow line that comes up on the passenger side in the engine compartment and lays on the inner fender well, mine has a rubber hose that is cut off there, where / what is it supposed to be attached to ??

Thanks for any info that will help,


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Under the dash...directly under the hood latches are holes in the body...should have plastic caps in them but they could be gone after so much time.  You can reach up with a long screw driver and pop open the hood latches.  

The rubber gas hose...if it's what I think it is...should exit to the underside of the car.  It's a vent line.  Depending on what year Avanti it may be for a charcoal filter for emissions reasons.

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