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Avanti Fatality!


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Not really a trivia question,........ but does anyone remember the name of the TV (radio?) personality who was fatally injured while driving a Studebaker Avanti in a crash near Las Vegas (I think) many years ago?

I believe his wife may have been a passenger in the car, and was also either badly hurt or possibly killed.

I remember seeing a photo of the accident scene, and there really wasn't much left of that Avanti.

If I remember correctly, the crash was due to a medical problem which the driver had.

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I own the rebuilt car that was his. It came with information about him and lots of documentation. The official cause of the accident was listed as brake failure. He was known to work on his own cars and had a notable collection at the time of his death. He and his wife were both killed. He was a Harmonica player and a TV show host.


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