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1984 rims & tires

Bob Gsanger

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Hi forum,

I have an '84 (RQB-4049). Looks great. I'm looking to take it to the next level, but keep it original as poss.

Can you help me identify the original rims below? Are they still available? Is there something out there that's close?

And my preference: How hard/expensive is it to refinish these (they are in good shape, but the clear coat is coming off)?

And I'm thinking of going with redline tires to harken back to its 1960s origin, but keep it to 205/75/15s. I see Coker/BFG Silvertown...and the Auburn/Diamond Back. Is there anything else? Which is the preferred brand? Pros/Cons?

Much appreciated. Bob.


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Those are not OEM. They are made by Ultra wheels model 050/051 as I have them on my 83. Center section just has an Avanti sticker added.

I have two in excellent shape if you're interested.



83 Avanti.jpg

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Thanks, A83. Yours is a beauty. Congrats on that.

The 2 sets of rims do look damn near identical. Surprising. I am only the 2nd owner, and have had the car since 3k miles.

Perhaps, were the Ultras an option on the car in '84? Seems strange that the original owner (who has now passed) would have put new rims on a brand new car.

What rims were OEM on the '84s? Do you happen to know?

Tks, B.

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This is a copy of the wheel offerings on my 83. Avanti Motors was known to put about anything on the car that a buyer would want but it should be documented on the build sheet which may be available from Dan Booth at Nostalgic Motors.


avanti wheels 3.jpg

This is how mine was equipt from the factory. The wire wheel option on mine were chrome wheels with a separate wire insert and Avanti logo that differs from the above selections. They are also available cheap although not in prime condition.


avanti build 83.jpg

Picture of my 83 with OEM wheels


avanti original 2.jpg

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Avanti Motors would usually bend over backwards to do whatever a buyer wanted...it's possible the factory installed those wheels albeit unlikely.  Only a copy of the build sheet would show what the car left South Bend with.  

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